Belated Viral Video. Yes The One With Kyrie Irving.

When I first heard the word ‘meme’, I thought it referred to the sound a sheep makes, and so what I thought it meant was how when you post something that goes ‘viral’ on your blog, you’re actually being like sheep because you’re doing exactly what the viral video producers wanted you to.

I really believed that, true story. And the crazy thing is I make my living off of the Internet.

So anyway, here’s the vid that’s making the rounds these days:

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LeBron's Best Video Yet

I’ve kept mum on the issue re LeBron leaving Cleveland several months ago, mostly because I didn’t really know what to make of all of it (and let that be a lesson to you young kids. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, keep your mouth shut).

Growing up, I had always leaned towards independent thought, or the idea that one should make up his own mind, and that right be respected every person. It might seem inconsequential, but that right is the crux of the freedom we enjoy. There will always be people who think they have a better idea what you should do with yourself. They may be right or wrong, but once you are an adult, it is absolutely important that when you’ve made up your mind they respect your decision, however badly it does not sit with them. Once this basic courtesy is accorded upon you, if they continue to wish you the best anyway, it is a great measure of their maturity and wisdom.

Anyway, before I go on, here’s LeBron’s latest video, which sorta got me into the mood I’m in.

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NBA's A-Comin'

Yup this blog’s been quiet. Blame it on working on my other blogs and stuff (yada excuses yada yada). But hey why not let’s get right back into it, starting with a vid re the top 10 plays of the 2009-2010 season!!

I gotta say that Kevin Durant (#10) dunk is damn exciting. It’s great to see someone whom was all just potential finally coming up and playing like an All Star like we all expected him to, and not racking up hospital bills or doing other stuff not happening on the court. And yes I’m talking about Greg Oden.

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Nash, Griffin and What's Rare in the NBA

Do you know what’s rare in the NBA? Or in most pro, or even top amateur sports for that matter? No, not a 7 footer with great handles. No, not even a white guy Caucasian with hops. What’s truly rare is a self-effacing, humble yet smart and intelligent athlete, but with skills. And when I say that, I mean someone who can play and act like a pro, knows, respects and understands the game yet doesn’t feel the need to slap it in everyone’s face like he’s the biggest thing around (because he’s already a big thing).

How rare is it? It’s about as rare as a hiphop artist not going on about how big a house he has or how many honeys hang around him. It’s about as rare as a reader of this blog who understands what ‘self-effacing’ means. You know, really rare.

Which is why I bring you a pic of disguised Steve Nash playing street hoops in China.

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Today I didn't even have to use my AK. I gotta say it was a good day.

You know I hate to overdo these Nike videos but when one strikes me (as they do often) I just gotta write about it, and man this one hit HAAARD.

How? Let me count the ways. And it doesn’t just have to do with Kobe showing up at 1:05 (so he walks around LA, huh? riiiight). The aaaawwweessome air on 1:27 helps, and of course, Ice Cube on 2:04.

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