WSH 109 ATL 101; Wizards ahead 2-0

2016-2017 nba playoffs atlanta hawks atlanta hawks washington wizards
2016-2017 nba playoffs atlanta hawks atlanta hawks washington wizards

With .38 seconds left and Washington holding onto a 5 pt. lead at 103-98, Bradley Beal shot a 3 from a John Wall assist and that was it. Wall made a breakaway dunk later on but to my mind Atlanta came apart after that 3.

Both teams struggled for consistency throughout leading me to tweet in the 3q how this seemed like a better played regular season game than a playoff game, and more so in the first two halves when both teams suffered through turnover mistakes, easy misses and other simple errors that to me have no place in an NBA playoff game, no matter how early the round. Continue reading “WSH 109 ATL 101; Wizards ahead 2-0”

And We Idolize These Guys

Used to be I really liked this guy. He had an awesome blog (and I like players who blog, and promote the heck out of them), and he came over 2 years ago and when he left, spread some love about how unexpectedly great the reception was, and encouraged others to come over.

Now, I spent the last twenty minutes smiling as I made this:

Gilbert Arenas suspended

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Gilbert Arenas Came To Town..

.. and these are the only references Google can find about it:

tedi31’s blog


Joaquin Henson at NBA’s Blog Squad.

That’s it, man. That’s all. The other Google results have to do with his approaching visit, not during his visit, or after his visit. There were some reports of him at the DLSU-ADMU game, but I Liveblogged the whole thing, and I sure as hell didn’t see no Hibachi. Pacman yes. Agent Zero? Nada.


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