When Are You Being Wise, When Are You Being A Jerk?

I’ll try to be succinct here, as given the emotions brought about by recent national events, it’s hard to concentrate on basketball. Nevertheless, a situation happened the other day which I feel I must, I MUST write about. Unfortunately it’s one of those situations which cause a hundred thoughts to run in your head, and that hostage drama didn’t help, so it took me awhile to get to it. Anyway, here is my attempt:

NU beat UP the other week, with the Bulldogs handing over to the Maroons their 10th consecutive loss to 0 wins in the UAAP. It was the previous game to the ADMU-DLSU 2nd round matchup but I watched with interest just the same, knowing how UP is bleeding for a win and besides it was getting interesting at the end.

With NU ahead by a point with 2 seconds remaining, NU’s Jewel Ponferada was shooting FTs. He scored the first and intentionally missed the second. Now here’s the amazing and sickening, despicable, horrible, stunning part: Coach Fernandez was instructing his players to intentionally cause successive lane violations in order to ‘force’ Ponferada to sink his 2nd freethrow, a ploy to neutralize the missed freethrows. After an unbelievable 5 intentional lane violations, and when it looked like UP would keep at it ad infinitum, the refs didn’t call the last violation. Ponferada missed, UP lost time on the inbound, NU won the game, Fernandez went ape-shit and to add to the hilarity and as if he didn’t embarrass himself enough, UP protested the game.

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Why Even Try?

I came across an article the other day about how the UP Maroons have become so irrelevant that UP students and alumni don’t bother to care anymore, and that it has been suggested they should just give up Men’s Basketball altogether.

Now isn’t that brilliant? I mean, the sheer logic of it is so unbelievable, it just hits you like a ton of bricks. A ton of logical bricks. And you know while we’re at it, why not let’s brainstorm a few other things we should just give up as well!

Academics – Yeah you know, all those books and studying weighs on you doesn’t it? I mean, do we really need all of that? Of course if we give that up it means we won’t have any lawyers, doctors, engineers, not to mention just plain old graduates anymore, and we’d all revert back to living in trees. But isn’t that so much fun that hitting those books? Think about it!

The respect of your peers – Anytime someone questions your character, just play the ‘who cares what you think!‘ card, and pretend you don’t care! It’s easy. All you have to do, is really not care. About others, about yourself, and what you might do to affect the coming generation. It’s fun! Our politicians do it all the time and look how fat and happy they are!

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Thoughts On DLSU vs. UP; FEU vs. UE

Our Basketball Viewing Options Today, 26 July 2008, Involve the ff.


– I just wanna say a few words about UP. ABS occasionally show teasers after games with lots of flashing lights and way too much pumped up music, featuring different teams one by one with lots of interviews of coaches and players. Anyway, they got to the UP part and I was almost falling asleep, but then Woody Co said a few very insightful things. Being a Chinoy, he is very honest (Chinoys usually are, imho, quite open with whatever’s on their minds), and he said that last year, there were times when he just wanted to stop playing (in the middle of a game), pack up and go home.

He then went ahead and talked about how he sees himself not doing that anymore, being older, and part of the seniors of the team now whom the rooks and coaching staff will be looking at for support. Of course he needs to say that, being a puff piece, but it sounded to me like a boy turning into a man, and was worth hearing nonetheless.

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