Dindo now Asst. Coach to Franz

As per a report today on Gmanews.tv, erstwhile University of the East Dindo Pumaren, who in my opinion made perennial contenders of the UE Red Warriors and once coached them through a 14-0 sweep during the 07-08 UAAP Season, is now an assistant coach to his brother Franz this coming 09-10 UAAP season.

After resignation from UE he went ahead and replaced Tyron Bautista for that position, as per Fr. Bernie Oca, DLSU board representative.

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FEU Is Spelled R-E-S-P-E-C-T

I’ve always liked the FEU team even before the Arwind Santos days. This is a team that really understands the game. Obviously well – coached they seldom ever hang their heads, never dwelling too long on errors or looking like they don’t belong – because plainly, they do. Amongst the elite teams in the UAAP, the FEU Tamaraws bring a tough and very high level of game year after year.

As I write this, the FEU players are headed towards their dugout – many of them with tears and their eyes. At the start of Season 71, I mentioned how I didn’t even know who they were. Today, I will never forget the names JR Cawaling, Benedict Fernandez, Mark Barroca, Robert Kave, Marlon Adolfo etc., because they played with a level of intensity I HAVE NEVER SEEN SINCE I CAN’T REMEMBER ANYMORE. Forget the NBA Finals, the UE vs. FEU game that ended a few minutes ago brought me near tears myself. It is quite plainly, the closest thing to a perfect game I’ve seen in years.

Of course it’s one thing to say that, and quite another to show stats to prove it, but unfortunately since those are still to be published in the papers tomorrow, I’m only relying on memory when I say that at one point, UE was shooting 50% and FEU an astounding 70% field goal percentage. Not only were offenses clicking, but defense was terrific as well, which is amazing for any one team, but BOTH TEAMS? AT THE SAME TIME? That is just incredible.

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Blue Eagles vs. Red Warriors, 2008 Nike Summer League

After over a hundred games and two months of continuous hardcourt action, the Nike Summer League is on its last stretch in determining who will reign in the 2008 cup.

On June 15, 2008 (Sunday) the much awaited clash of the seniors will unfold with the Blue Eagles facing off with the Red Warriors for the Nike Summer League 2008 tourney. Could this be a preview of the upcoming UAAP championship? With both teams outplaying their respective rivals in the play-offs, the championship game will surely be a showdown of pure guts, passion and skills. The Loyola based squad as led by head coach Norman Black is looking at clinching the title from the top defensive Red Warriors team who they will be facing off for the first time this season.

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