Anatomy Of A Blowout

There’s a quote that says you learn more from losing than winning, or something like that. If that were the case, the Universidad de Manila players are probably geniuses by now, after getting trounced by FEU Tamaraws 111-55 in the 2nd Seniors Game yesterday, May 7, 2009.

FEU Coach Glenn Capacio took the opportunity to use his second stringers for most of the stretch, making them run an efficient full court press that probably filled up the turnover column for the other team.

UdM’s Arambala and dela Cruz with 27 points total were the only two to make much of a difference, but playing the whole game they could only do so much. I won’t forget dela Cruz for his unique ‘pitik’ style of 3 point shooting, capped by a 3 from the corner that still used the glass, causing the waiting players at the sideline to react in delight.

On the other hand, I was most impressed with FEU’s #20 Cervantes. A 6’4 or so PF / C with excellent post moves and some measure of ball handling. All blowouts have their share of highlight moments, and Cervantes delivered with a terrific spin move after an attempted swipe, never losing his dribble in a strong drive. Garcia with 17 points and Eximiano looked good as well, although the latter needs to work on his concentration, occasionally losing focus.

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