UAAP Season 74 Thoughts

OK I know this is late, but its better than kicking myself for not writing about the Finals when I had the chance, so here goes:


Mind you I’m not disappointed at the season, nor the league. I’m only particularly disappointed at FEU for coming over half – ready to face ADMU. Clearly ADMU had always been the superior team. It’s almost as if they’re the only ones who came to the party to dance, and when I say party I mean the whole season, not just the Finals, while everyone else just sat at the tables looking on. Knowing and accepting that, I still can’t believe that any UAAP team cannot at least give them a good fight in at least one game, maybe even steal one the way AdU did.

ADMU demolished FEU from the 2nd quarter onwards, and from thereon FEU just seemed to accept their fate. I can’t accept that. I don’t believe it isn’t possible to put up some sort of fight, some sort of run sparked by good defense and maybe bunch up a series of points to get it going. It just doesn’t compute. In fact it makes me a little angry to be honest. That wasn’t basketball. That was giving up.

What I Hope People Take From This

Winning and doing so on a consistent basis means only one thing. That ADMU has the best College basketball program in the UAAP. It doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best school, or the best fans, or are more favored by God or whatever. It just only means they have the best basketball program in the country.
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