A Note About PBA Notes

One of the most popular features on BallEx happens to be PBA Notes, which is basically a cut and paste affair from a mailing list I’m subscribed to run by the PBA office. Unlike what some idiot implicated a few months ago, I do not claim to author these. Instead I upload them using WordPress’ handy Blog By Email feature which allows me to literally cut and paste it to an email address which forwards it to this blog and it gets published automatically. That way it gets published quickly, I do not have to log in, etc., and PBA fans who read this blog instantly get their PBA fix via scores and updates.

Unfortunately when I do that, WordPress prints the author of the post as myself, which I did not care to correct since, obviously, I’m just reprinting scores and updates from the PBA – stuff that no one cares to ‘plagiarize’ because that’s all public information the PBA wants to disseminate anyway. And besides, what would I gain from claiming ownership of PBA scores? I’m sure you’d agree being accused of stealing them is just brazen stupidity right there.

So anyway, I just wanted to talk about this because I wanted to point out two things.

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