Thoughts During TNT vs. B-Meg Championship Last Night

Yeah I haven’t been following much of any basketball NBA or otherwise but I did manage to watch a few Commissioner’s Cup action in the past few days plus last night’s Game 7 Finale between TNT and B-Meg, with B-Meg winning out. My bullet points start somewhere in the 3rd quarter when I tuned in.

• James Yap should probably be a far more respected basketball superstar if it weren’t for the worn out Kris Aquino angle. As it is people cannot distinguish between Yap the PBA player and Yap the whatever – the – hell – it – is he did with Kris Aquino. There was a portion in the fourth when he made mincemeat of Fonacier’s single coverage and just barreled his way through to the hoop to score. Granted Fonacier isn’t a big body, but Yap seriously just had his way with the guy, belying a strong upper body and enough control to finish a jumper while harassed.

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TnT's Walkout = P1.25M

PBA’s latest news release reports thus:


The walkout staged by Talk N’ Text that marred Game 4 of its quarterfinal match-up with Barangay Ginebra last Friday cost the Tropang Texters over P1 million in penalty.

Besides forfeiting Game 4 in favor of the Kings, PBA commissioner Sonny Barrios levied a P500,000 fine on Talk N’ Text, the amount of which shall be paid to Barangay Ginebra under section 32 of the PBA constitution and by-laws.

On top of that, TNT’s share in the gate receipts and TV revenues for that game, which could be anywhere from P200,000 to P250,000, has also been forfeited in favor of the nine other PBA ballclubs.

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Walkout Thoughts

I imagine a conversation between fans at the game TnT walked out of would’ve gone like this:

Fan 1: Pare oemgee! Nagwalk-out ang TnT!
Fan 2: Oo nga pre!
(Crowd hoots and gasps in collective silence as they watch the proceedings.)
Fan 1: Wow! (sits down)
Fan 2: Oo nga.
Fan 1: O pano, uwi na tayo.
Fan 2: Oo nga. Malayo pa ang (insert far away place here).

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