SMB and Air21 Official Statements + My Half Heartedly Formed Opinion

Today I will pretend to care about the PBA a little bit: SMB and Air21 recently exchanged key players, which is fine and didn’t really impress upon me at all until I read that in order for a trade to go through in the PBA, it’d have to pass the OK of the commissioner, at which point suddenly I am piqued.

But first, the official statements, starting with SMB Coach Ato Agustin, reading like it was written by Ato Agustin:

This is the right time to rebuild the San Miguel Beer Team. So with this in mind, the trade with Air 21 Express will be the important first step for us to ensure the continuing success of the San Miguel Beer franchise. Although this trade will not be a quick fix for the team, we believe that Rabeh Al Hussaini, Nonoy Baclao and RJ Guevarra will slowly but surely be molded into the San Miguel system. It will be very hard and with a heavy heart for us to part ways with Danny Seigle, Dorian Pena, Dondon Hontiveros and Paul Artadi, who have contributed immensely to our previous championships. But this sacrifice will not only benefit San Miguel and Air 21 but also their respective careers.

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