Unleash The JV

Yes my title alludes broadly to the movie Clash Of The Titans and that scene when some god releases a monster which sets forth much death and destruction upon a sad collection of unprepared mortals. And Yes it doesn’t sound quite as menacing as ‘Kracken’, but that’s pretty much where the differences end because it’s nothing but similarities here-on.

See when I watched the Phil – Korea game the other day where we lost 78-70, common sports press parlance would have you say ‘we didn’t lose without putting up a fight’. Well, that picture above represented that fight. A growling, snarling, missile-firing, both guns slinging, 3 pt. barrage, scoring rampage of a PG that can do it all. Pass, handle, shoot.. and boy can he shoot. Stop on – a – dime shoot. Shoot open 3s. Shoot 3s with a hand on his face. Shoot Js from 10 feet, 17 feet, 5 feet.

If the Philippine team needs to ‘unleash’ something akin to a to the basketball equivalent of a Kracken, then goddammit you unleash J-Shock, there’s no 2 ways about it.

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“It is unfortunate that the PBA teams play the National Team always looking to win.”

Please find forthwith the latest news re Smart Gilas and the PBA from the PBA Sports Desk received this afternoon:

Philippine Basketball Association commissioner Sonny Barrios wrote the Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas yesterday regarding the participation of the Smart Gilas National Team in the ongoing 2009-10 KFC-PBA Philippine Cup.

Barrios said the Board directed him to choose only between two options: 1) for Smart Gilas games to have no bearing even on PBA teams, and 2) for Smart Gilas not to play CJ Giles in any of its remaining games that will have a bearing on the PBA teams.

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