Fiba-Asia 2013 Phils v. Korea 2013 – That Winning Feeling

It’s hard to write about a game such as last night’s due to the sheer variety and depth of emotions that come with its recollection. For the most part I was calm, primarily due to the fact I don’t buy in to the ‘laban’ and ‘puso’ shtick. My love for my country has nothing to do with basketball and even less on the outcome of a game. I love my country and (deserving) fellow Filipinos, and I’m pretty much sure the the players of Gilas do as well. This is default and non – negotiable, so the idea of it indirectly being questioned every time I read ‘puso’, as if to say we do not have heart if we do not win offends me. If we lose a game we may not be as skilled, as tall, as fluid or whatever, but it’s certainly not because we lack heart. If anything we might have too much heart. Let’s talk basketball tangibles – shooting, assists, defense, and the like. But don’t talk to me about not having heart. Never ever doubt heart.

Whew. Ok moving on:


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Fiba Asia 2012: Chinese-Taipei vs. Philippines

This is an important game as the mid of the 4th saw Chinese Taipei coming back on a 9-0 run after being behind by as much as 15(?), therefore testing the character of Smart Gilas under pressure.

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Jones Cup Phils v. Iran 2012 In BulletPoints

We Keep Missing Shots – I’ll go right ahead and get to the biggest reason why this game was much harder than it should’ve been, and that is plain and simple, we keep missing shots.

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Thoughts On The No Bearing Decision & Why Smart Gilas Should Stay

Ok sorry again for the late post. I can name a few excuses but let’s just cut to the chase, shall we?

As of my last posting, there have been recent developments directly as a result of the PBA’s decision to declare Smart Gilas’ games as no – bearing, which we’ll get into later. For the moment, let’s analyze the PBA Press Release I posted 5 days ago, starting with:

Jong Uichico’s “It is unfortunate that the PBA teams play the National Team always looking to win.”

I am 100% convinced that what Jong Uichico wanted to say didn’t come out the way he said it. In other words, I think what he really meant was: “It is unfortunate that the PBA teams play the National Team always looking to win [at any cost, including using rough play]. That’s GOT to be what he really meant to say, right? I mean, the alternative, which is to read what he said face – value, means that he thinks PBA teams should play to lose when up against Smart-Gilas, which is stupid, and Jong Uichico is not stupid, right?

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