Better To Be Lucky Than Good

You gotta love it when, in the post game interviews Phil Jackson admits how he would’ve probably done a better job coaching if he pulled out Ron Artest after a bonehead play with .56 left in the 4th. They were ahead by 3 but had a fresh shotclock after Gasol rebounded Artest’s miss, and could’ve wasted time or set up a play to increase the lead.

Later on however, after Jason Richardson sank a miracle 3 from near center court to tie it 101 all, Bryant hoisted up a 3 but missed, and the player that should’ve been sitting on the bench had the ball fall into his hands for an easy putback off the glass, winning it for LA as the clock hits 0.

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When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Pick and Roll

Now that’s what I’m talking about. Now that’s a REAL series.

steve nash amare stoudamireOk fine it’s only Phoenix’s first win against the Lakers, and the Lakers are still ahead by 1. But I’m just saying, that was a good game. A damn good, fine example of playoff basketball the way I remember it. Where guys where throwing themselves and each other all over the place, getting injured not just because of the game but from hitting each other.

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