Nike's World Cup Ad Is The Most Awesome Thing You'll See Today

Football / Futbol / Soccer is a sport where you actually kick the ball. It’s played outdoors in a large grassy area and you score when it goes into a goal. Sounds radical eh? You know what’s best? You don’t have to be a 6 footer. In fact one might even conclude us Pinoys could do ourselves a favor and take it up because we might actually become, perish the thought, good at it *gasp*!

But anyway, I was meandering my way around YouTube a little bit when I happened onto this:

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Basketball Break: Federer's New Commercial

Yes I know I should be watching CSB vs. SSC-R right now, but I’m taking one of my occasional non-basketball time outs to check out Nike’s new Federer commercial, in recognition of his mind boggling 15 Grand Slams.

15 Grand Slams, at only 27 years old is an unbelievable achievement in two ways, one in that you managed to do it per se, and the other in that at 27 years old, you’ve probably 3 or maybe 5 more years to up that even more.

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