Finally Ordered One On One

When I was a kid they used to show ‘One On One‘ on RPN 9 every so often. It’s a movie about an up and coming basketball genius played by Robby Benson who grew up in a hick Mid – American State (one of those square shaped ones), who was recruited into big University to play ball. Being young and terribly naive he gets into all sorts of trouble, but eventually pulls himself together to show everyone, especially the Coach who was trying to get rid of him (played brilliantly by G.D. Spratlin, who also memorably played a corrupt politician in Godfather II amongst others), what he’s really made of.

Aside from Benson and Spratlin I also remember a very very hot Anette O’ Toole here, whom modern viewers (ie. young people) will only recognize now as Clark Kent’s Mom on Smallville.

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