My love for basketball and the PBA

I started as a Tanduay fan back in 1986 and followed the animo spirit. My father was a diehard Ramon Fernandez fanatic and naturally rooted for the Rhum Masters. I grew up loving the same team my father learned to love. What got me hooked to the game was how players like Padim Israel, JB Yango, Willie Generalao, Freddie Hubalde, Onchie de la Cruz, Ed Cordero, and Fernandez exuded great passion and resolve everytime they touch play on the hardcourt. I was amazed at how ‘El Presidente’ can make so many things on the floor some big men could only dream of doing. I feverishly tried to copy every move he made and grew even a moustache even though I was only 11 years old. ok that was a joke.
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