Basketball News From All Over (My Version At Least)

I gotta admit I’m grasping at straws here. The UAAP Finals are still a few weeks away, and even then my team’s almost nearly out the door (and deservedly so, since, well, let’s admit it, they suck this year). At any rate, here’s a look around what’s going on, not necessarily in all of basketball, but mostly what’s gotten me interested:

Rubio to stay in Spain – If you need more proof how drafts aren’t all that relevant, then here it is. What was mostly considered the second coming of Pistol Pete has decided to wait out till he’s 21 to play with the Minnesota Timberwolves, who owns his rights from when the NBA draft was held last June.

My opinion? Good for him. At 19 he has a world of opportunity available to him to improve even more in Europe, which is even better than a kid in the US trying to improve via competing in the College ranks. Sure the ‘Wolves are gonna miss out on a crowd drawer, and they worked their ass off trying to get this deal, but you can’t fault a kid for wanting to get better first and staying home. Heck, you can’t even fault the kid for changing his mind because he’s exactly that – a kid, and as such prone to such things.

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Chance to Check Out Ricky Rubio Tonight

There are those that will argue Spain and the US Team’s meeting tonight (10PM, BTV), as a bygone conclusion. To this, I have to agree. However, in between whatever spectacular play the ‘Redeem Team’ will be doing, do yourself a favor and check out Spain’s #32, 6’4 PG Ricky Rubio, and find out why it is they call him Pistol Pete Maravich’s second coming.

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