Iverson Would Rather Retire Than Come Off Bench

AI has taken me on a roller coaster ride throughout his career. When he won MVP, he was my idol. I was amazed at the idea of a 6’2 guard lording it over a league of 7″ behemoths. Here was the perfect anti-hero of the hiphop generation. A cornrow sporting, tattooed example of the youth rising up from nowhere to hold up the highest individual honor of all of basketball. A kid from the streets doing it right. What’s a more romantic scenario than that?

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C-Webb Calls It A Day

C-Webb Calls It A DayChristopher Webber III, aka C-Webb, has decided to retire after 15 years in the NBA. He is 35 years old, a 5 time All Star, and has played for 5 teams: Golden State, Washington, Sacramento, Philadelphia and Detroit, after which he went back to Golden State.

There are surely articles on the web more definitive than anything I can write, so I went the YouTube route and found this instead. Warning: It’s hazy and very homegrown, but it covers Webber’s career and a lotta highlights, so it does the job:

Pertinent Stats:

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