NBA Stars Turned Actors

Interesting article I happened upon at the International Film Channel website, featuring 5 NBA Stars turned actors. I don’t care to cut and paste the whole thing here, just go ahead and visit the site to read it all. What I AM going to do, is to repost the youtube vids of the movies discussed and then some.

Starting with Kareem and the one, the only, Bruce Lee and in their famous fight scene in The Game Of Death. If you’ve never watched it before, there’s something wrong with you.

Kareem was notably also in Airplane, but above vid is so much more cooler so I’m going with that.

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The Rising Rose, Rondo, Ray, the other AI and Other Updates

Just thought I’d show you what 36 pts., 11 assists in a first time playoff appearance looks like:

Matching Kareem’s. Now, THAT’s how you go into the playoffs. That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

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Wham!! Bam!! PAO!!

I caught the Lakers vs. Boston game this morning, and if you wonder why you didn’t know about that and still be reading this blog, shame on you. Here’s the RSS feed for the ‘Next 20 Basketball Events’ category, the feed for the site as a whole (which includes everything, including our much sought afterPBA notes), and instructions for Google Reader to get you going. It’s 2009. Wisen up already.

So anyway, this post is about insight into the just concluded game, Pao Gasol, and my argument that Pao Gasol is not ‘soft’, in that order. So here goes:

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Viva Pacquiao!

I’ve never failed to extend congratulations to Pacquiao whenever he kicks people’s butts, and I’m not gonna stop now. So to Manny and his crew, like I said before and will always say forever, Mabuhay Ka!

And to put a little basketball flavor into this post, here he is with the key players of tha NBA Champion Boston Celtics:

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