New Polls: Celtics vs. Lakers

I am now ending the previous poll ‘NBA 2007-08 Champions’, listing all the teams in the NBA Playoffs, and starting a new one, with just the Celtics and the Lakers as choices.

Congratulations to all the BallEx readers who got it right! As of today, June 2, 2008, 208 voted, with 62% (128) voting for the Lakers followed by 14% (30) for the Celtics. The Hornets (15) and the Cavaliers (14) both got 7% with 5% to the Defending Champion Spurs (11), 4% to the Eastern Championship contender Pistons (9), and zero percent for Utah (1) and Orlando (0) respectively.

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Playoffs 2007-08. How Sweet It Is.

I woke up this morning (true story), feeling uninspired. But as my head rolled around my pillow trying to think of what to do today, I caught site of some memorabilia of a time when I interviewed someone from the NBA two years ago, and I realized something. Something that woke me up immediately.

I realized that it’s nearly the Playoffs. Now, doesn’t that get you excited? Is this mic on? Are you hearing me clearly? It’s . The . Playoffs.

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