If They Could Only Play That Way More Often

Tonight, Talk N’ Text beat Alaska at Game 7 for the KFC Philippine Cup Championship. For Talk N’ Text, this marks coach Chot Reyes’ 3rd Championship for 3 different clubs, the only coach to be able to do so. This marks also the coming – of – age for the lightning quick rookie Jason Castro (19 pts., 8 rebs., 8 ass.) and sweet revenge for MacMac Cardona after losing out to eventual Series MVP Willie Miller. For Alaska, it’s also a coming out party for Larry Fonacier (10 pts., 2/5 3s), as well as an impressive showing for Reynel Hugnatan (17 pts., 6/11 FGs).

I’ve always liked Hugnatan and I like the way Fonacier shut me up today with his tough showing. But before I go on, there are two things I’d like to make clear. One, this is one of the best PBA games I’ve ever seen in my life.. While it’s entirely possible that it’s been so long since I’ve enjoyed a PBA game that this one gem of a game stood out, I’m coming clean regardless, and admit it out: WHAT.A.GAME. It was exciting, it was down the wire, both teams executed, Alaska almost died several times but kept coming back so well and so often that they were never really out of the picture until the dying seconds. That was a great game 7. Congratulations to both teams and the PBA.

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Championship Sunday Scores 2 Out Of 3

Last Sunday, the NFL’s Super Bowl was considered a ‘game for the ages‘ by commissioner Roger Goodell, highlighting one of the more rousing Championships of the decade.

What this means for the Sports Fan? Definitely a big Win.


In tennis news, Rafa beat Roger providing one of the most grinding and entertaining clash of contrasting styles in the world of sports. The matchup between the two is rightfully compared to that of the Andres – Sampras era, where the two protagonists’ tremendous talent and skill is matched only by their respect and admiration not only for themselves but, via their exemplary play, for their sport.

What this means for the Sports Fan? A double win if at all possible.

In the PBA..

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Alaska in 5

By now it’s obvious. Alaska is clearly outclassing Talk N’ Text, and not by doing anything particularly outstanding on their own. Oh of course they are playing well, and by that I mean they are executing their plays and generally carrying out an overall plan. In pressure situations when everything is helter skelter, they keep their act together, and when they do screw up as all teams inevitably do, they manage to address it quickly so as not to derail them from their ultimate goal.

Sharp contrast is the term I use for the other side. Talk N’ Text can and does come out breathing fire at times, but it is largely unsustainable. This 2nd game, Ren-Ren Ritualo looked close to expending himself to score points for his team. While the effort is laudable he will obviously need to work with everyone else at some point, and sadly this was not the case.

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