KG, if you don't wanna join, then I'm with you man. All the way.

kg canaletaI’m talking of course, about KG Canaleta’s desire not to join this year’s Dunk Contest at the PBA’s All Star Games.

By now it’s moot and academic. Kelly Williams is the new dunk king, with Canaleta deciding to chill out till next year. But that’s not the point of this post. The point of this post is to explain why I think if a player doesn’t want to play, then he shouldn’t. In bulletpoints:

  1. KG is a free man. First of course is the obvious. KG is a free man. Even if there happens to be a prevailing contract between him and the PBA (I’m not sure there is one, but assuming there is), I assume it would at most be similar to an employee – employer contract, wherein one is compelled to do their duty whilst under employment. However, even the most stringent of contracts does not force people to do anything against their will. The worst it can do is exactly what they did – threaten to impose a fine against KG if he didn’t join. But even so, at the last moment it appeared KG couldn’t care less, meaning that it was ok by him – and even so I’ll assume such a fine is questionable at best. I mean, did he curse at a referee? Did he refuse to suit up for an official game? Did he get into a fight or intentionally hurt someone? Of course not. None of that happened and he was well within his rights.

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