I Watched Meralco vs. Barako Bulls Last Night

Glee was showing a replay so the wife wasn’t competing for the TV, and I’m tired of watching Law & Order SVU (it’s gets to you eventually. So much violence and sick people in the world. I know its fiction but still, you know?), so I decided to concentrate on Meralco vs. Barako Bulls and resist changing the channel every so often. So here’s what I remember thinking:

Ang Galing Na Ni Ababou – Well not last night, but in previous games I caught him breaking out a few awesome moves, moves he never even gave a hint he was capable of back in UST. I’ve no doubt this is due from exposure he got from playing at Gilas. Sure he was sitting at the far end of the bench behind Lassiter and Lutz, but clearly he made the most of his time over there. The fact he warmed the bench per se might be reason for his blossoming, and may have challenged him on a personal basis. Whatever it might’ve been, this is indication he is the type of player that needs motivation to get going.

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SMB and Air21 Official Statements + My Half Heartedly Formed Opinion

Today I will pretend to care about the PBA a little bit: SMB and Air21 recently exchanged key players, which is fine and didn’t really impress upon me at all until I read that in order for a trade to go through in the PBA, it’d have to pass the OK of the commissioner, at which point suddenly I am piqued.

But first, the official statements, starting with SMB Coach Ato Agustin, reading like it was written by Ato Agustin:

This is the right time to rebuild the San Miguel Beer Team. So with this in mind, the trade with Air 21 Express will be the important first step for us to ensure the continuing success of the San Miguel Beer franchise. Although this trade will not be a quick fix for the team, we believe that Rabeh Al Hussaini, Nonoy Baclao and RJ Guevarra will slowly but surely be molded into the San Miguel system. It will be very hard and with a heavy heart for us to part ways with Danny Seigle, Dorian Pena, Dondon Hontiveros and Paul Artadi, who have contributed immensely to our previous championships. But this sacrifice will not only benefit San Miguel and Air 21 but also their respective careers.

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What I remember most from Game 6

Here’s a quick post to talk about what struck me most re SMB’s 89-86 win over Ginebra tonight.

SMB’s offensive resilience – Less than a minute left, Coach Agustin designed a very specific offensive set which quickly went awry after Ginebra suddenly sprang a zone. At situations like that, every player involved had their thoughts still set on executing the planned play, so when the situation suddenly turns different a lot of teams would fall apart in some way, usually via some superstar player deciding to take matters into his own hands. Instead they executed a perfect passing play which left Cabagnot open at the left wing for one of his, ho-hum, dagger threes (at least I think it was a three. I may be mistaken).

That, ladies and gents, is teamwork and basketball smarts at work. Not only did one or two players ‘get it’, but all of them came into position to set Cabagnot up. The way to beat a zone is by outside shooting so they figured out a way to get a guard free to take that shot, and shoot he did.

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Why Even Try?

I came across an article the other day about how the UP Maroons have become so irrelevant that UP students and alumni don’t bother to care anymore, and that it has been suggested they should just give up Men’s Basketball altogether.

Now isn’t that brilliant? I mean, the sheer logic of it is so unbelievable, it just hits you like a ton of bricks. A ton of logical bricks. And you know while we’re at it, why not let’s brainstorm a few other things we should just give up as well!

Academics – Yeah you know, all those books and studying weighs on you doesn’t it? I mean, do we really need all of that? Of course if we give that up it means we won’t have any lawyers, doctors, engineers, not to mention just plain old graduates anymore, and we’d all revert back to living in trees. But isn’t that so much fun that hitting those books? Think about it!

The respect of your peers – Anytime someone questions your character, just play the ‘who cares what you think!‘ card, and pretend you don’t care! It’s easy. All you have to do, is really not care. About others, about yourself, and what you might do to affect the coming generation. It’s fun! Our politicians do it all the time and look how fat and happy they are!

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Thoughts On The No Bearing Decision & Why Smart Gilas Should Stay

Ok sorry again for the late post. I can name a few excuses but let’s just cut to the chase, shall we?

As of my last posting, there have been recent developments directly as a result of the PBA’s decision to declare Smart Gilas’ games as no – bearing, which we’ll get into later. For the moment, let’s analyze the PBA Press Release I posted 5 days ago, starting with:

Jong Uichico’s “It is unfortunate that the PBA teams play the National Team always looking to win.”

I am 100% convinced that what Jong Uichico wanted to say didn’t come out the way he said it. In other words, I think what he really meant was: “It is unfortunate that the PBA teams play the National Team always looking to win [at any cost, including using rough play]. That’s GOT to be what he really meant to say, right? I mean, the alternative, which is to read what he said face – value, means that he thinks PBA teams should play to lose when up against Smart-Gilas, which is stupid, and Jong Uichico is not stupid, right?

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“It is unfortunate that the PBA teams play the National Team always looking to win.”

Please find forthwith the latest news re Smart Gilas and the PBA from the PBA Sports Desk received this afternoon:

Philippine Basketball Association commissioner Sonny Barrios wrote the Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas yesterday regarding the participation of the Smart Gilas National Team in the ongoing 2009-10 KFC-PBA Philippine Cup.

Barrios said the Board directed him to choose only between two options: 1) for Smart Gilas games to have no bearing even on PBA teams, and 2) for Smart Gilas not to play CJ Giles in any of its remaining games that will have a bearing on the PBA teams.

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