Kobe Visit Pics Post 3 of 3

Man it’s been busy as heck and this post is way delayed, so let’s just get it done and wrap this baby up. Here are some of my remaining pics of Kobe’s visit.

So as I mentioned last time we went ahead of everyone else to Ultra (Philsports Arena) and this is what greeted us, empty stands and the hosts just hanging out.

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SSC-R v. ADMU Is A Baller Fan's Dream

Tied at 71 with a few seconds left in the game, Jai Reyes unleashed an ice cold left corner jumper behind a Nonoy Baclao pick and nailed it, winning their meet with San Sebastian College – Recoletos and impressing the hell out of me on my first outing to the FEU Gym this year.

No, I’m not impressed with Reyes particularly. He had a few boner plays earlier to counter this beforehand. What did impress me was the overall intensity and quality of this, my first game to watch live in the Nike Summer League.

Who is impressive, and consequently my vote for POG, is ADMU’s Nico Salva. Playing forward and offensive rebounding like there’s no tomorrow, he made a living off of his teammates misses, picking up and scoring off of loose balls and rebounding against taller players always grabbing with two hands. He made such an impression he reminded
me of Charles Barkley, a similarly undersized PF, and believe me I do not make comparisons to an NBA great regularly.

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