UAAP / NCAA Code Of Conduct – BallEx Style

I happened onto the UAAP Fan Code Of Conduct and read it with some interest. ‘Some’ because this is all stuff all of us should’ve known and follow wether it’s written down or not, and secondly because writing them down is one thing, implementing them is totally something else.
So in the spirit of writing down rules that are best to be taken with a grain of salt, over my morning coffee I’ve decided to make my own.
So without further ado, Ladies and Gents, herewith is my BallEx Code Of Conduct. Check it!
  • UP fans will stop referring to themselves as smarter than everyone, primarily because these contests will involve athletics and not academics (and if they were smart they’d know that).
  • ADMU fans will reconsider saying ‘win or lose its the school we choose’ because, frankly, I doubt any of us chose the schools we graduated from on the basis of their UAAP/NCAA performance. Otherwise we’d all have gone to Taft.
  • NU students will refrain from becoming fans of the Bulldogs for a period of one (1) year subject to the fact that it’s tasteless to find yourself suddenly becoming a fan after your team instantly becomes a contender via an infusion of SM money. Only previous NU fans, particularly those who stuck with them through thick and thin, are allowed to remain fans this year.
  • Anyone thinking of bringing a vuvuzuela to the games should just stop.
  • Fans carrying signs or wearing clothing with obscene, deregatory or indecent messages will be requested to discard said sign/wear the shirt inside out. Smart-aleck fans guilty of above will not imprint obscene, deregatory or indecent messages on the insides of their shirts.

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You Need Rebound Magazine. You Just Do.

I view printed publications with a questionable eye these days. Having written for several tech magazines and a broadsheet, now that I’ve ‘switched over’ to fully online (I run 4 sites now with 2 on the way), I’ve seen both medium’s pros and cons up close, and have long determined online to be the superior.

Above statement was my state of mind when I met the very personable Mike Yu, EIC of Rebound Magazine, who happened to be writing for me (of sorts) as he regularly contributes his thoughts as a first time Dad for my other site, Mom Exchange. Mike had already struck me as an excellent writer and when I learned of his editor in chief-ing for a basketball publication I was sure it’d be a hit. Still, why print though? Wouldn’t publishing be better served (I thought) if online?

Eventually I arrived at my answer, but only after reading it in its entirety. Before that though, I’d like to reprint an interview of Mike written by one of his writers Rick Olivarez, who runs the excellent Bleacher’s Brew, with permission from Mike of course, that’d help explain the nuts and bolts of this venture. To wit:

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