The Gods of Basketball Do Not Take Kindly To Missed FTs

Fish’s 1st 3 pointer (or was it his 2nd? I forget.)

To me, it’s very simple. If you shoot only 22-37 FTs (59.5%), inspite of being able to shoot 76% FTs in the regular season, then you deserve to lose. Especially if a. those FTs are important down the stretch (such as Howard’s 2 of 2 misses with 11.1 seconds to go in the 4th with the score 84-87, that could’ve brought them within a point), and b. players who regularly do better, such as Hedo Turkoglu who shoots 84% FTs in the regular season, suddenly shooting only 8 of 13 (61%) today.

I mean, think about it. Everything else LA did or Orl couldn’t do could’ve been neutralized if Orl could only sink their charities.

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NBA Rescinds Orlando Game 3 Win Due To Confetti

At least, imo, that’s what should happen. With .05 seconds left in the game, LAL was scrambling for threes, the score being 106-102 Orl ahead. At that point, some overeager Orlando stadium employee decided to pour confetti from the ceiling, inspite of the fact that Bryant managed to score off an offensive rebound and foul Rashard Lewis on the ensuing inbounds play, leaving .02 seconds off the clock. Granted, that isn’t much, but it still does not mean the game is over.

As a result they actually ‘froze’ their own player on the freethrow line, introducing unnecessary jitters as they took a while cleaning the court of confetti and other debris as Lewis prepared to take his shots. Thankfully they went in, making this rant moot, but valid regardless.

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This Is What It's All About

I’m referring to this:

That’s Lakers Center Pao Gasol, one of the world’s best at his position in any team in any league and imho, deserving of the honor accorded those who filled that same position on the team in the past, celebrating after a perfect give and go play.

The Lakers now go on 2-0 vs. the (surprisingly) struggling Orlando Magic in this year’s Finals Series, 101-96 (OT).

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Lakers In Six.

Why do I make predictions? I think it’s because I just like pain. Another reason is, possibly, because I occasionally get it right. But primarily I think it’s just a fun thing to do. Obviously I analyze the hell out of every game I watch, and inspite of missing the last two (due to an unscheduled weekend vacation), I can’t help but think of the Celtics and the Lakers just because I’m weird that way.

And so I predict: Lakers in Six Games. Alternatively, Lakers in Seven. Here’s why:

Better Coaching: Phil Jackson is the Yogi of Coaching, the Coachest with the Mostest, the Man with the Plan, the.. you get the point. And his winning key? The triangle. The amazing great equalizer of basketball techniques that can turn guys like Luc Longley into a three – ring NBA Champion. There’s nothing more underestimated in sports than coaching, with fans usually only looking at individual incidents or plays players do on the court. But the real heart and soul, the motivator, the instigator, the long term planner and molder of the team is the coach, always has been and always will be, and in this case my money’s on the Zen Master.

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