What It's All About

8.8 seconds to go with the Championship firmly in Miami’s hands, LeBron James meets Kevin Durant in the middle of the court and they hug each other. This is in recognition of both players and teams’ great achievements. And even though one of them came ahead this year, it doesn’t take away from the others’ efforts. They are two great people who pushed each other to their highest performances and this hug is in recognition of that.

And really people, that is what this is all about.

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Postgame: NBA Finals Game 2; MIA at OKC

My mind is on a bunch of different things right now, so I can only recall certain sections of the game, I hope I get it right. What comes to mind most of all are these:

That’s Bosh with an easy dunk off of a great dribble penetration by Wade, where he’s given a great pick by LeBron.

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