Your NBA 2007-08 MVP

Truth is, it’s boring to write about Kobe becoming MVP. I mean, first of all, there was very little doubt. Even our own MVP polls show a whopping 50% for him, with LBJ a far second at 18%. In fact, it’s even more interesting to write about why Chris Paul should be second and not LeBron. A topic like that has angles and criss crossing opinions that make a writer’s job far easier.

Second of all, he’s just too good. Almost machine – like good. Unlike other MVPs of their time that seem to conjure magic tricks on the court (ie. MJ, Nash, Magic Johnson, etc.), Kobe’s consistency and robot like devotion to the sport more than anything, in my opinion, is what makes him MVP. He is just unrelentingly, all – encompassingly, unstoppableingly, good.

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In the United States, there is a basketball league called the National Basketball Association, or NBA, where they have some very good players. Who knew right?

Anyway, the NBA is starting it’s Playoffs, which is a prelude to something called a ‘Championship’. So we’re holding a poll to figure out who BallEx readers think is going to be their best basketball player for the year, called an ‘MVP’.

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