Heat In 5

Here are my reasons.

More Weapons – LeBron, Dwade and the timely return of Haslem.

Mike Miller – The amazing play of Miller is the most telling of all considering he is able to concentrate inspite of his newborn daughter being in the hospital (no one deserves to go through anything like that and I wish him and his daughter well). Yet personal situations like that always seem to draw the best out of players, who at this stage of the season look for inspiration from almost anything, be it a negatively written article in the press, their mom’s birthday, or occasionally, personal tragedy. I suspect it helps them gain perspective really, because it reminds them that there are bigger things in life than mere basketball games and so it frees them from the tension. Whatever it may be, it’s in full effect on Miller. And if he can contribute his usual good shooting and now reliable rebounding, you’ve got an extra guy contributing big time off the bench.

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