The Finals Should Be Free (Are ADMU – DLSU Games Worth that much?)

I’m sure I’m being blasphemous just sayin that, but I’ve got a point here, trust me.

Tickets for the last elimination games as we all know now were sold at 300% to 400% higher than regular rates. In other words, P200 tickets were sold at P6,000 or (if I were to believe rumours), even P8,000 or more.

Let me just say it out right now, that I think that is absolutely horrible, and that such a thing might possibly lead to the demise of the UAAP, or even Collegiate / Amateur sports as we know it. Please let me explain, in three points:

First: Obviously, the ‘profit margin’ earned from the price disparity is not going to UP, this season’s host, or the UAAP. It is going to scalpers. In fact ‘scalpers’ isn’t the right term anymore, as it alludes to some type of low level operator hawking tickets by the sidewalk. No, granted the large amounts of money involved, I’d rather call them the ‘mafia’. Hell just for this example, why not we call them after my fave mafioso of all, Tony Soprano.

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