Liga Pilipinas Preseason Day 2

Pagadian trips Iloilo 91-88; Mis-Or scores 2nd win-in-a-row over Zamboanga 79-77

May 25, 2008 (Sunday), Cebu City. Unlike the first day, day 2 of the preseason in Cebu City wasn’t as heavily-watched. Well, two reasons. One, Cebu Niños will not be playing and two, man this is only preseason what do you expect? The Misamis Oriental Meteors though gave observers a reason why it pays to watch them play on the hardcourt. Perhaps coach Jun Noel is just a great coach and showed that he can win without a star-studded lineup. I came to watch Peter Naron of the Zamboanga Amores (I know they were supposedly called the Latinos but politics got in the way) and checked if the guy still has it. Naron didn’t show the hot-shooting touch he was known for several years back but perhaps he’s still reserving them for the actual tournament, or may be, he does not have it anymore. Donald Tadena was in usual deadly form with another double-digit performance. He had 15 points for the night after exploding for 20 points in his first game. He does not do anything spectacular but he is effective in his role as a gunner.
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Liga Pilipinas Preseason Day 1

Cebu Niños wallop Iloilo Warriors 138-94; Meteors sweep past Explorers 103-84

Action Shot: That’s big boy Jojo Omandam battling three Meteors for the rebound

May 24, 2008 (Saturday), Cebu City. Rains poured not only in the busy streets of Cebu City but also in the aged old New Cebu Coliseum. The hometown boys Cebu Niños unleashed its might, taking the life out of the hapless Iloilo Warriors early into the match. The Niños led by as much as 44 points before settling for a 34-point spread in the end game 138-94.

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Liga Pilipinas, another MBA in the making?

There’s a new league in town and is patterned after the defunct Metropolitan Basketball Association (MBA). The Liga Pilipinas is ex-Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) comish Noli Eala’s newest pet project after getting the boot from the pro league (ok I didn’t include his boxing promotions). The league inaugurals will kick off on May 23-25 in the three key cities in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, after months of resetting the opening date. So will Liga Pilipinas follow the MBA’s path to instant stardom or die a sudden death after reaching its momentum? Well, we’ll never know for sure. We hope Liga will stay as long as the PBA.
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