Nike's All-Star Lineup

Herewith is your guide to what your favorite NBA Stars are wearing for the All-Star Weekend.

We start out with above for who else? Kobe Bryant, with his signature Nike Zoom Kobe IV. The rather simplistic design and ordinary colors contrive to make it my personal favorite of the bunch. Call me old – school, but I like it.

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LeBron's Insurance Commercial Is Annoying and He's Got New Shoes

Yes I know one’s got nothing to do with another.

But see, LeBron’s new commercial was released today. I patiently waited for this (and mistakenly assumed to be about new kicks), but turns out it be from his insurance company sponsor, which doesn’t even have an office here and so I will therefore not link to it. Besides, it’s about football, and judging from the reaction on YouTube, everybody’s annoyed they’ve been taken for a ride. And we all know how YouTube commenters are such an educated and sophisticated lot, so trust me, it is getting what it deserved. And I don’t even wanna know what the Knicks fans have to say about that. Tsk tsk, not a good thing to piss those off.

So what do I do? Why, show you his new kicks, that’s what!


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Amongst the publications that made me think of becoming a writer was GQ. The others were Road & Track, National Geographic and Playboy, which explains somewhat the roots of my interest in Style, Cars, Travel and uhmm.. Photography. Ok fine. I admit I appreciated the art of writing copy to fit the limited space just beside the featured Playmate (she’s a Scorpio and likes to read, we’re practically SOULMATES!!), but to me, Playboy had some of the finest writers I had ever read at the time, with approaches to interviews re Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan in their prime that redefined, to my mind, the fine and noble art that is sportswriting – A profession of which many are called but few, ever so painfully FEW, are worthy.

At any rate, to explain why I have a pic of LeBron James looking like he’s ready to hug you, LBJ will be on GQ’s cover for February, and I just spent the last 30 minutes or so perusing the excellent teaser – article on their site, accessible by clicking here. (That’s right, typical Pinoy sports fan: Prepare To Read)

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Only 6 Nike LeBron Witness VI Gold Medal Packs for Pinoys

Nike’s at it again. Only 114 of these will be made, and only 6 to be released in the Philippines.

That’s right.

On November 7, 2008, Nike will release 6 of the limited edition LeBron James VI Gold Medal Pack through a special raffle sale. It will be sold for Php 16,000. The LBJ Gold Medal Pack commemorates the success of LeBron James and Team USA in the 2008 Beijing games. There will only be 114 pairs in the world and November 7 is a chance for shoe collectors to get one of their own.

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Why Boston Won; The Lakers Make Me Believe

At some 3 mins left in the game, KG executed a Dream Shake, sinking the ball for crucial points. Even more crucial was Paul Pierce‘s scintillating 41 point performance, negating LeBron James’ 45 and finally, FINALLY reminding us why he is called ‘The Truth’. I’ve been waiting, hoping, demanding even, that Pierce bring 40+. It seemed to me the only piece missing that kept Boston from steamrolling their opponents the way we all thought they should, and today’s performance was a long time coming.

But since we’re on the subject of the Truth, let’s be honest here. The picture included is the real reason why Boston won.

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Playoffs 2007-08. How Sweet It Is.

I woke up this morning (true story), feeling uninspired. But as my head rolled around my pillow trying to think of what to do today, I caught site of some memorabilia of a time when I interviewed someone from the NBA two years ago, and I realized something. Something that woke me up immediately.

I realized that it’s nearly the Playoffs. Now, doesn’t that get you excited? Is this mic on? Are you hearing me clearly? It’s . The . Playoffs.

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In the United States, there is a basketball league called the National Basketball Association, or NBA, where they have some very good players. Who knew right?

Anyway, the NBA is starting it’s Playoffs, which is a prelude to something called a ‘Championship’. So we’re holding a poll to figure out who BallEx readers think is going to be their best basketball player for the year, called an ‘MVP’.

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