Boston Leads 2-0, 108-102 Final, and my 1st LiveBlogging Attempt.

I know it’s way late to start liveblogging at the 2nd half, but it’s better late than never.

The first half was fairly lousy call-wise for both teams. Referees went wild with their whistles, the worst recipient of which has to be Kendrick Perkins, rendered inutile after picking up his 3rd in the 2nd quarter.

LA is having the worst of either quarter, having a difficult time getting their offense going. Aside from occasional inputs by Fisher and Kobe, the brightest spot has to be Gasol, who produced a spectacular in your facer over Kevin Garnett in the 1st quarter, complete with howl and much beating of chest. Later in the 2nd he executed a terrific pick and roll with Kobe, with Pierce and Posey switching, ending up with Pierce against Gasol underneath. The Spaniard quickly took advantage of the situation, resulting in points that no amount of flopping from Pierce can convince anyone otherwise.

Little used Boston relief forward Powe ‘The Show’ stepped up big time, possibly proving to be the deciding factor that might determine winning series – the more reliable bench.

We’re starting now with the 2nd half, 10:38 AM.

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