Kobe Visit Pics Post 3 of 3

Man it’s been busy as heck and this post is way delayed, so let’s just get it done and wrap this baby up. Here are some of my remaining pics of Kobe’s visit.

So as I mentioned last time we went ahead of everyone else to Ultra (Philsports Arena) and this is what greeted us, empty stands and the hosts just hanging out.

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Kobe Visit Pics Post 1 of 3

I took around 90 pics from Kobe’s Manila visit yesterday so it’d be such a pity if I didn’t publish them all. So I decided to break it down into three parts in chronological order as the day went on. Here’s the first, starting morning of the 21st at the Press Conference, Manila Pen, Makati.

Some press guy came in wearing a full Lakers uniform. Wonder if it paid off.

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Kobe Tour Update: Free Tickets @ The Fort, Liveblog @ BallEx!

Alrighty Kobe and not – so Kobe fans. As promised, here are the details of Kobe’s Nike Tour fresh off my email rcvd just a few minutes ago:

“Kobe Bryant’s one-day Manila visit will kick off with a visit at Nike Park, The Fort at 2:00pm, where he will meet young ballers from select Gawad Kalinga communities. Kobe has made it a point to support deserving institutions in every tour, setting aside quality time to be with children who are interested in basketball to encourage them to keep dreaming big. Activities at the Nike Park, The Fort will be broadcasted live over W.N.I.K.E Radio on 89.9 DWTM.

The main event of the basketball superstar’s Manila visit will be a basketball camp at the ULTRA where Kobe will showcase his skills and share his basketball prowess alongside the Nike Elite Campers, a group of up-and-coming young basketball players. The camp will allow Kobe to work with his young fans to help them increase their level of play on the basketball court. The show will start at 4:00pm, gates will be open to the public at 3:00pm.”

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