HOU 115 OKC 111; Rockets Ahead 2-0

Despite Russell Westbrook’s 51, the Rockets prevailed 115 to 111 on James Harden’s 35 pts., followed by Eric Gordon’s 22 and Lou Williams 21.

In contrast, OKC’s 2nd highest pointer was Andre Roberson with 12 and a tie for 3rd with Victor Oladipo and Doug McDermott scoring 11 each.

I don’t think anyone really expects OKC to go far in the playoffs but if you were to wonder why that’s the reason right there. While Westbrook is putting on a show that is blowing all our minds his teammates aren’t holding up the rest of the ship. The fact many of you haven’t heard of them adds to this thinking as well.
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KD Commercial Shows Him To Be A Humble Hardworking Guy

Unbelievable the way Nike comes up with fantastic commercials. So much so that sometimes it does get predictable. Which is why I was pleasantly surprised to get a talkie this time, featuring KD and the new KD VI.

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Fish Coming To Play Here Can Mean 1 of 2 Things

But before I talk about the title of this post I just wanted to show you a screencap of P10,000.00 tickets being sold at Sulit.com.ph, (edited to remove the horrible ads that website puts on its already ugly and convoluted pages).

Ten Thousand PESOSES man. Each. Wow.

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Notes On OKC vs. Dal Game 4 (The Only Thing That Can Stop Dirk is Dirk)

Tell me, how do you stop this?

Do you try to swipe it while he’s making the 2 or 3 dribbles he takes before he makes that shot? If you do that his height will allow him to find Dallas’ shooters outside.

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Lakers Bring It, Make It 3-2

Left my niggaz house paid
Picked up a girl been tryin to do since the twelfth grade
It’s ironic, I had the blunt she had the chronic
The Lakers beat the Supersonics

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Kickass Boston Fan Video

Ok all you Celtic fans out there. Yep, I know you guys exist. Just not very often on this blog though, so here’s an excellent video I found for all of you:

A terrific ode to Kevin Durant’s equally excellent video, re achieving his dreams:

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