Is BonBon The 2nd Coming Of The SkyWalker?

I watched the SMB vs. Ginebra game last night and it was terrific. Anyone who reads this blog regularly (all 3 of you), knows very well that I find watching the PBA a chore and so therefore my watching is to be considered a feat in itself, let alone enjoying it. Last night, both were achieved, leading me to man up and say it out loud: That Game Was Terrific.

Of course, talking about the game will not be complete without mentioning the star of the show: Bonbon Custodio, erstwhile UE stalwart (and from which I remember him most), and now blossoming, if not already, into a crowd drawer and high flying hoop artist the likes of (I tremble when I say this) SMB Legend and the original Skywalker Samboy Lim.

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