An Actual BlogPost About My Thoughts Re SMB – Ginebra Game 1

Caught SMB v. Ginebra, which ended 86-84 in favor of the Beermen. A few thoughts:

Alex ‘Big Time’ Cabagnot stuck a dagger once again, but I swear I haven’t seen a team mishandle a simple pick and roll so badly and so often. That wasn’t the first time he got free. A few minutes before that he also made a clear jumpshot after the defender didn’t switch in time to put a hand up. As usual announcers Sarmienta and Magsanoc totally missed it (great job guys!), but Ginebra, in both cases Hatfield I think, just doubled up on the screener and let the other guy go scot free.

I also couldn’t believe how often Ginebra was relying on the 3. Ginebra was ahead by 2 and I think they took 2 or 3 three point attempts? It’s not as if SMB was doing such a great job defending either. Their defensive rebounding was absolutely atrocious, with Ginebra getting up to 4 offensive rebounds on one sequence. Ginebra’s ‘magic’, for lack of a better word, that made them so effective in the past was its ability to come into game endings with extreme confidence, making them look like they get even better when the game is on the line. Tonight’s team however showed a lack of confidence in itself when it wasn’t executing, forcing them to take panic 3s.

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Walkout Thoughts

I imagine a conversation between fans at the game TnT walked out of would’ve gone like this:

Fan 1: Pare oemgee! Nagwalk-out ang TnT!
Fan 2: Oo nga pre!
(Crowd hoots and gasps in collective silence as they watch the proceedings.)
Fan 1: Wow! (sits down)
Fan 2: Oo nga.
Fan 1: O pano, uwi na tayo.
Fan 2: Oo nga. Malayo pa ang (insert far away place here).

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“It is unfortunate that the PBA teams play the National Team always looking to win.”

Please find forthwith the latest news re Smart Gilas and the PBA from the PBA Sports Desk received this afternoon:

Philippine Basketball Association commissioner Sonny Barrios wrote the Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas yesterday regarding the participation of the Smart Gilas National Team in the ongoing 2009-10 KFC-PBA Philippine Cup.

Barrios said the Board directed him to choose only between two options: 1) for Smart Gilas games to have no bearing even on PBA teams, and 2) for Smart Gilas not to play CJ Giles in any of its remaining games that will have a bearing on the PBA teams.

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Why It's Hard To Cover The PBA

I’d like to make clear that the fact I’ve not been writing about the PBA Finals, to the point that I even wrote about Wimbledon of all things, has not been lost on me. Let me enlighten you as to one of the reasons why via this screenshot:

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