And We Idolize These Guys

Used to be I really liked this guy. He had an awesome blog (and I like players who blog, and promote the heck out of them), and he came over 2 years ago and when he left, spread some love about how unexpectedly great the reception was, and encouraged others to come over.

Now, I spent the last twenty minutes smiling as I made this:

Gilbert Arenas suspended

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Adidas Brotherhood Commercials

I regret not posting these new Adidas commercials when I first saw them a few weeks ago. These feature a group of random(?) kids who get to be schooled by Gilbert Arenas, Dwight Howard, Tim Duncan and Tracy McGrady, while picking up a bunch of free cool gear along the way. Silly me thought they were old when in fact they just came out! Anyway, better late than never:

Except maybe for DeShawn Stevenson’s cameo, Gil’s is the most underwhelming of all to be truthful about it. The most fun, as in insanely – laughing – out – loud – fun has to be when the same group of lucky kids get to meet Superman:

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"Everybody Should Visit Manila" – Arenas. "Why Don't They?" – Me.

Finally, FINALLY got to view pics from Agent Zero’s recent visit, which helps gives us a taste of the absolute craziness that happens whenever an NBA player, much more an NBA Star, comes over.

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