No Respect

You see comments like these on the ‘net all the time, and for the most part its harmless, right? I mean it’s just some idiot ranting on and besides, he’s entitled to that. If he feels that way, after much thorough research and study I’m sure, then that’s that.

Then I read Chris Tiu’s blog the other day, re the time they played the NBA Selection a few weeks ago:

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Thanks to J for letting me know this tournament didn’t pan out, referring post here. I made this post much earlier when I got the sched and I left it at that.

Herewith is the official 2011 DOHA 4-nation Tournament to be held August. 24-29, 2011. DOHA, Qatar, Al Gharafa Indoor Hall. Participants are Lebanon, Philippines, Syria and Qatar.


Yes that’s just a lousy screenshot of an OpenOffice Calc file. However, once again I am supplying a csv file of the same thing here in case you want to make your own permutations or add to your own calendar.

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Ehdadi, Who We Owe, 3rd is Good Enough, Ridiculous Referees, And other Jones Cup Thoughts

I watched the Jones Cup from the very start and only missed probably 1 or 2 games at the most, and those weren’t really crucial anyway, so I can talk about this at length. Starting with:

We Owe This Man – There is no doubt in my mind that right now, the Pinoy Sports Fan owes MVP every little bit of gratitude they can muster in their little jologs minds, so thank you sir, thank you very much.

I do not know him very well, unfortunately. I do not even know his roots which is why I reserve commenting re his person to a time when I am better informed. Fact is I’ve heard nothing but negative things about him, which is unfortunate considering how well he’s done in almost all the ventures he’s been, and how if his public persona was better managed he could serve to be someone we could aspire to. On the other hand maybe he prefers it that way. I don’t know. I will endeavour to learn more about him in future readings.

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