New Books, And Why You Should Read

Yesterday I approached a ‘Chapters & Pages’ outlet at Robinson’s Manila (one of those small free standing 2nd hand book stores), thinking of getting a new book as I had already finished with ‘The Book Of Basketball – The NBA According To The Sports Guy‘, which I talked about here. Being low on funds I was hoping to get something cheap yet interesting that’d help at the bedroom for when I can’t sleep (ok that didn’t sound right but you get the point).

Anyway, ten minutes later I was walking out of there P720.00 lighter, way way beyond budget. Here’s what I got:

Amazon has few reader reviews of this book, but the Editorial reviews are correct when they say how most of it is about Coach George Karl and when they came close in 93-94 with a best season ever 63-19 record, only to be downed by the Denver Nuggets. Remember that image of Dikembe on NBA Classics where he’s lying on the court laughing / crying holding a basketball up in the air with both hands? That’s the one.

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Spurs – Hornets use Strategy; LA – Utah Is Streaky; and More (gasp) Predictions

Game 3 LA – Utah Notes:
Boozer finally brought game but even so seems far from the dominating PF we know him to be. I’ve been waiting for flashes of that brilliant hop skip move and head and shoulder fakes for either a teardrop semi hook or a power jam, but today we had fadeaways(?!) and 8 foot (well guarded) jumpers. Deron on the other hand was his usual brilliant self, but again not really the Playoff level player I’d like to see, and why does he keep wanting to dunk so much?

On the other side, Kobe needs help but it is not forthcoming with Radmanovic missing open 3s and Walton fumbling the ball away after a clear possession on a jumpball against Williams and Gasol in the dying minutes. Odom seems to be playing well but must assert himself further if he’s going to make a difference.

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