FEU Needs To Make A Formal Accusation

Accusation, accusal (a formal charge of wrongdoing brought against a person; the act of imputing blame or guilt).

These days, Mark Barroca is in the hotseat. FEU has recently said more or less, that the reason he isn’t playing is either because ‘the team expressed dissatisfaction with his playand / or he ‘gave in to temptation‘. On the other hand, Barroca himself issued a statement detailing how sorry he is about what happened (whatever it is), and how he is moving on (again, from whatever it is).

The problem is, there cannot be any moving on, there cannot be any apologies or acceptance of apologies without primarily explaining what it is he’s accused of having done.

Otherwise, there are two scenarios:

One: Either Barroca has been a victim of mismanagement – because you can’t just kick a player out due to ‘bad play’ or

Two: He’s getting away with murder – because if he sold a game, he has more than FEU or the UAAP to answer to.

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