Helping Your Opponent

Checking my notes for the FEU – Lyceum game last May 14, 2009, everything else is overshadowed by the memory of Lyceum’s Coach getting kicked out with 5:09 left in the third quarter, his team a manageable, at least to me, 14 points behind.

Of course, there were many other notables. As this was my 2nd time to view an FEU Seniors game, I continue to be impressed at #20 Cervantes, who is a complete package with height, heft, and guard – like agility and comfort with the ball. Then there is #11 Sanga, who probably didn’t play last week as he certainly would’ve caught my eye. The boy can rain threes on you, whether on a set shot or provided a pick.

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Some UAAP Guys wear Hyperdunks

These guys:

Are gonna be wearing this shoe:

Truth is, I dunno anything about the current UAAP teams. Jude Turcuato had different local basketball sites write Power Rankings on the upcoming league, and I’m glad I’m not in his radar because I’d have no idea what to say. One day I can make enough money and spend my days watching games, eating chips and gulping beer Coke, just waxing poetic about my love for basketball and all that. But until that day comes, I gotta make a living man, and it gets in the way of writing about ball.

Anyway, I’m glad I got this image from Nike, because it contains this paragraph:

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