[Belated] Thoughts On The End Of The Dwightmare

I read articles before, particularly during Orlando’s days when they were struggling, about how they (sports journalists) would just wish Dwight Howard would stop smiling.

To them it read as if his constant smiling and paling around with his teammates was a sign of weakness, especially considering the time they weren’t going to go further into the playoffs as they should again.

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Howard Controls Himself, Orlando Wins

I harbor no illusions that Orlando can win 4 straight. All Boston really needs to do is to win one, just one. They can win one by virtue of playing well, or by Orlando playing badly, or by chance, by any way possible, and it’d still be a win that’d take them to the Finals.

Any way you look at it, the chances that Orlando can consistently play well while Boston plays as poorly as it did today (which isn’t even that poorly, just below their usual standards), isn’t very high.

But today, Orlando played well enough to make the game interesting, so I’m going to concentrate on looking at just this game, and not the series.

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The Gods of Basketball Do Not Take Kindly To Missed FTs

Fish’s 1st 3 pointer (or was it his 2nd? I forget.)

To me, it’s very simple. If you shoot only 22-37 FTs (59.5%), inspite of being able to shoot 76% FTs in the regular season, then you deserve to lose. Especially if a. those FTs are important down the stretch (such as Howard’s 2 of 2 misses with 11.1 seconds to go in the 4th with the score 84-87, that could’ve brought them within a point), and b. players who regularly do better, such as Hedo Turkoglu who shoots 84% FTs in the regular season, suddenly shooting only 8 of 13 (61%) today.

I mean, think about it. Everything else LA did or Orl couldn’t do could’ve been neutralized if Orl could only sink their charities.

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This Is What It's All About

I’m referring to this:

That’s Lakers Center Pao Gasol, one of the world’s best at his position in any team in any league and imho, deserving of the honor accorded those who filled that same position on the team in the past, celebrating after a perfect give and go play.

The Lakers now go on 2-0 vs. the (surprisingly) struggling Orlando Magic in this year’s Finals Series, 101-96 (OT).

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Of Boring Boston Blowouts, KFC, and Reggie Rip Hamilton

Millions of us local basketball fans tuned in yesterday to watch what we hoped to be a great Boston – Cavs game but unfortunately, the Cavs had a different idea.

Cleveland outscored Boston by 32-18 in the 1st, finally ending the contest with a 24 point blowout, 108-84. By the 4th quarter I was getting hungry, so I did the unthinkable. I left the TV to microwave some leftover KFC. That’s right. It might not sound like a big deal, but basketball fanatics will understand. You NEVER leave the tube in the 4th quarter with Boston in the Playoffs. NEVER EVER EVER.

But anyway, the point of this post isn’t that game, it’s this:

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