A Series Neither Team Wants To Win

Today, the Miami Heat thrashed the Atlanta Hawks 98 – 72 at home to even their series. They now go to Atlanta to try to win Game 7 and advance into the 2nd round.

The way I see it, neither Atlanta nor Miami wants to win because they don’t think they can advance into the Championships. Therefore, it makes better sense to just shut down their respective teams for the ’08-’09 season, rest, rebuild, and get better for the next.

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This Week's NBA Highlights 2nd week of Dec. '08

Dec. 14 NBA highlights started out with pretty standard stuff, with the Hornets beat out the Raptors 99-91. Posey had 5 threes in the 1st half, further feeding the ‘Celtics might not win because they lost him‘ train of thought from the armchair analysts out there.

It really picks up at :37 though, when D-Wade…, well, watch the video first:

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