Unleash The JV

Yes my title alludes broadly to the movie Clash Of The Titans and that scene when some god releases a monster which sets forth much death and destruction upon a sad collection of unprepared mortals. And Yes it doesn’t sound quite as menacing as ‘Kracken’, but that’s pretty much where the differences end because it’s nothing but similarities here-on.

See when I watched the Phil – Korea game the other day where we lost 78-70, common sports press parlance would have you say ‘we didn’t lose without putting up a fight’. Well, that picture above represented that fight. A growling, snarling, missile-firing, both guns slinging, 3 pt. barrage, scoring rampage of a PG that can do it all. Pass, handle, shoot.. and boy can he shoot. Stop on – a – dime shoot. Shoot open 3s. Shoot 3s with a hand on his face. Shoot Js from 10 feet, 17 feet, 5 feet.

If the Philippine team needs to ‘unleash’ something akin to a to the basketball equivalent of a Kracken, then goddammit you unleash J-Shock, there’s no 2 ways about it.

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