Mavs Even Series, Finally A Good Game

In OT Marcus Morris nails the corner three over the outstretched hands of Maxi Kleiber giving the Clippers the lead 133-132 9s left.

A few seconds later, ball ends up with wonder boy Donkic. Despite yet another triple double and 43 pt game evoking memories of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and other Playoff rookie greats, he has been quiet all of the OT period instead giving way to teammate Trey Burke who is on fire.

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Bos wins 1st Playoff Game; Phila Doesn’t Look too Good

So I caught Celtics 109 – 76ers 101 followed Clippers 84 – Mavericks 78.

This pic of Embid encapsulates how the 76ers looked like to me. Sure that may not represent their whole team but Embid is their main guy and trust me he sort of looked that way most of the game.

As a fan of the game it’s disappointing to see a main guy or any guy go out the court looking like that and in the Playoffs as well. He is a rebounding leader at 16/game and obviously a dominating big but it didn’t show today.

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Heat In 5

Here are my reasons.

More Weapons – LeBron, Dwade and the timely return of Haslem.

Mike Miller – The amazing play of Miller is the most telling of all considering he is able to concentrate inspite of his newborn daughter being in the hospital (no one deserves to go through anything like that and I wish him and his daughter well). Yet personal situations like that always seem to draw the best out of players, who at this stage of the season look for inspiration from almost anything, be it a negatively written article in the press, their mom’s birthday, or occasionally, personal tragedy. I suspect it helps them gain perspective really, because it reminds them that there are bigger things in life than mere basketball games and so it frees them from the tension. Whatever it may be, it’s in full effect on Miller. And if he can contribute his usual good shooting and now reliable rebounding, you’ve got an extra guy contributing big time off the bench.

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Notes On OKC vs. Dal Game 4 (The Only Thing That Can Stop Dirk is Dirk)

Tell me, how do you stop this?

Do you try to swipe it while he’s making the 2 or 3 dribbles he takes before he makes that shot? If you do that his height will allow him to find Dallas’ shooters outside.

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