Amongst the publications that made me think of becoming a writer was GQ. The others were Road & Track, National Geographic and Playboy, which explains somewhat the roots of my interest in Style, Cars, Travel and uhmm.. Photography. Ok fine. I admit I appreciated the art of writing copy to fit the limited space just beside the featured Playmate (she’s a Scorpio and likes to read, we’re practically SOULMATES!!), but to me, Playboy had some of the finest writers I had ever read at the time, with approaches to interviews re Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan in their prime that redefined, to my mind, the fine and noble art that is sportswriting – A profession of which many are called but few, ever so painfully FEW, are worthy.

At any rate, to explain why I have a pic of LeBron James looking like he’s ready to hug you, LBJ will be on GQ’s cover for February, and I just spent the last 30 minutes or so perusing the excellent teaser – article on their site, accessible by clicking here. (That’s right, typical Pinoy sports fan: Prepare To Read)

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