Cavaliers 119 Pacers 114 – Too Much Deer In The Headlights

In 2012, the LA Clippers dealt a 99-98 loss to the Memphis Grizzlies in their first Game of the playoffs after trailing by as much as 27 pts.

Channing Frye with the Dagger Three in the 4q

This game was like that. I started watching in the 3q with Ind leading 74-52, a 22 pt. lead that would normally entail death for whoever is catching up.

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LeBron Rules

In a special meeting yesterday, the NBA announced their decision to enjorce the new “LeBron James Rules” where should any opposing player attempt to play any and all types of defense on him will result in a foul. In fact, should any defender be close to him as he attempts a shot, runs up or down the court, or show indication they wish to attempt to swipe at the ball while he is in possession, said defender is to automatically receive a foul.

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