Playoffs 2007-08. How Sweet It Is.

I woke up this morning (true story), feeling uninspired. But as my head rolled around my pillow trying to think of what to do today, I caught site of some memorabilia of a time when I interviewed someone from the NBA two years ago, and I realized something. Something that woke me up immediately.

I realized that it’s nearly the Playoffs. Now, doesn’t that get you excited? Is this mic on? Are you hearing me clearly? It’s . The . Playoffs.

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In the United States, there is a basketball league called the National Basketball Association, or NBA, where they have some very good players. Who knew right?

Anyway, the NBA is starting it’s Playoffs, which is a prelude to something called a ‘Championship’. So we’re holding a poll to figure out who BallEx readers think is going to be their best basketball player for the year, called an ‘MVP’.

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Great Wall Of Wow

Caught the Houston New Orleans game last night and inspite of the fact Houston lost 87 – 82 I gotta admit I am amazed at Yao Ming. There was a time I had my doubts about The Great Wall but needless to say, his 30 point 16 rebound performance is impressive to behold. There’s just something special about seeing a mountain of a man do the right things on the basketball court. Everyone who’s ever watched a game knows how frustrating it is to watch a tall guy – supposedly the superior of everyone else purely due to the fact he’s tall – fumble, lose or effectively become a non – factor because they’re usually not athletic, not coordinated, or occasionally not motivated enough.

But not this guy. At least in this game, Yao knew what to do, which was basically execute pick and rolls which result in him getting 5 feet or less from the basket against single coverage (either Tyson Chandler, David West or whoever is unlucky enough to be the help defense), and all sorts of good things happen from thereon. Either he makes a shot, gets fouled, or both. It’s just good big man basketball all around and whenever that happens games are suddenly interesting, making you wait in anticipation as Houston tries to execute to make it and New Orleans execute against it. It’s almost like how it used to feel when Kareem would get position against single coverage at either wing. You know a hookshot is coming soon and no one can do anything about it.

And now a word about the guy who won the game:

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