Liveblogging FIBA-Asia – Phils. vs. Chinese – Taipei

RP vs. Chinese – Taipei (FIBA-Asia) (08/10/2009) 
3:52 Good afternoon everyone, I will be liveblogging the Taiwan vs. RP game starting anytime now.
3:52 both teams are warming up at the moment.
3:53 the announcers are Miko Halili and the excellent ‘Dr. J’ Jao.
3:53 Andy Jao rather.
3:55 rosters are now being announced.
3:55 in Chinese though, so I can’t relay 🙂
3:58 I unfortunately made the mistake of posting the replay time (9pm) rather than the live one (4pm) so I might have lost a few readers that way. Sorry about that.
3:58 However there will be a replay of this game at 9pm tonight at BTV and RPN9.
4:01 ok back to warmups after the shootaraound and singing of respective national anthems.
4:01 alright starting 5s are lining up for tip off
4:02 i am not familiar with taiwanese players so will refer to them by jersey numbers.
4:02 starting 5 for RP is Kerby raymundo, arwind santos, cyrus baguio, willie miller and mick pennisi. RP is in white, Taiwan in Blue.
4:03 #11 scores underneath
4:03 santos miss 3
4:03 pennisi pass intercepted
4:04 baguio had to foul #9 to avoid fbreak
4:04 0-6 taiwan
4:04 baguio strong drive scores
4:05 taiwan miss
4:05 pennisi sinks 3
4:05 5-6 taiwan
4:05 #11 drive, miss. flopped even.
4:06 raymundo strong drive but called for off foul
4:06 pennisi called for looseball foul
4:06 taiwan airballs 3
4:07 6:45 left in q1
4:07 baguio another drive to his right, he is fouled, misses.
4:07 baguio to ft line, makes 1 of 2
4:08 6 all
4:08 #12 sinks 3
4:08 all alone, rp defense missed him.
4:08 kerby misses 3
4:08 santos called for kickball
4:09 taiwan miss
4:09 kerby miss another 3
4:09 wide open
4:09 #11 nice pivot miss
4:09 baguio miss fbreak
4:09 pennisi miss 3
4:10 6-9 taiwan
4:10 #11 miss, someone puts it back, scores
4:10 4:22 left in q1
4:10 kerby miss on pivot. santos miss on putback.
4:10 #13 strong drive, fouled.miss.
4:10 #13 goes to ft line
4:11 #13 sorry, he was called for off foul on pennisi
4:11 baguio putback on kerby shot missed.
4:11 baguio gets fouled on looseball.
4:11 aguilar comes in for kerby.
4:12 off foul called on aguilar ill pick.
4:12 3:31 left in q1
4:12 6-11 taiw
4:12 taiwan miss 3
4:12 miller blocked on fbreak.
4:12 taiwan scores on fbreak
4:12 miller scores on baseline.
4:12 8-13 taiw
4:13 2:50 left in q1
4:13 baguio called for foul
4:13 taiw scores 2 of 2 on ft line
4:14 aguilar short on 3
4:14 dillinger scores on fbreak.
4:14 #7 turns it over.
4:14 no tiemouts yet this quarter
4:14 yap miss 2
4:15 1:42 left
4:15 #4 sinks j
4:15 17-10 taiwan
4:15 miller sinks 3
4:15 13-17 taiwan
4:15 #11 good cut to basket scores.
4:15 miller sinks another 3
4:16 30 secs left
4:16 #11 called for kickball.
4:16 miller loses ball
4:17 #7 beats buzzer
4:17 end of q1
4:17 sorry didnt get the score
4:18 i think its 21-19 taiwan
4:18 [Comment From John Knight]
There ya go! Go Willie!
4:18 [Comment From John Knight]
Awww men…
4:18 [Comment From John Knight]
Dang!!!!!!!!!!! Take care of the ball!!!!
4:18 [Comment From John Knight]
21-16, I think…
4:18 mukhang tayo pa lang john knight
4:19 although there are 21 people watching accdg to stats.
4:19 21-16 thanks aira
4:19 [Comment From aira]
4:19 ok back
4:19 yap turns it over
4:19 [Comment From Rommel]
Nope Rommel from Dubai is monitoring your blog
4:20 i have to go to makati after this so im actually hoping its a short game 🙂
4:20 taiwan scores
4:20 [Comment From mosheex]
thanks for the blog
4:20 dillinger travels.
4:20 16-23 taiw
4:20 rp poss.
4:21 aguilar blocked
4:21 aguilar scrambles for ball, retains poss
4:21 off foul called on taulava.
4:21 moving pick
4:22 taiwan miss 3
4:22 yap sinks 3
4:22 19-23 taiw
4:22 yap sinks another 3
4:22 22-23 taiw
4:23 taiwan miss
4:23 thoss miss
4:23 #13 drive, scores.
4:23 [Comment From aira]
james is on fire… cORY is in the house
4:23 thoss sinks baseline j
4:24 rp timeout
4:24 sorry
4:24 taiwan timeout
4:25 ok back.
4:25 24-25 taiw
4:25 #4 strong drive scores
4:25 yap sinks long j
4:25 #11 great drive, scores.
4:25 im really liking this #11
4:26 solid PF, around 6’7 or so
4:26 thoss gets loose ball scores
4:26 taiwan miss 3
4:26 [Comment From aira]
#11 looks like joakim noah
4:26 jayjay miss
4:26 #13 sinks long j
4:27 28-31 taiwan
4:27 yap miss
4:27 #5 cutting drive, scores.
4:27 fouled, foes to ft line.
4:27 #5 0 of 1 ft
4:28 thoss miss
4:28 asi rebound and putback
4:28 taiw miss
4:28 30-33 taiw
4:28 rp timeout
4:29 i think a poll to find out which team you are rooting for is useless today 🙂
4:30 were back
4:30 taulava miss
4:30 taulava fbreak but guard steals ball.
4:30 [Comment From aira]
naku, may ilan pa rin na walang bilib sa RP team kht pinoy sila… crab mentality
4:31 rp possession
4:31 asi miss long j, thoss tip in scores.
4:31 32-33 taiw
4:31 taiw sinks j
4:32 dillinger fouled on drive
4:32 [Comment From mosheex]
guys positive thinking lang….
4:32 [Comment From Rommel]
We are going to win this game….
4:32 norwood comes in for dillinger
4:32 32-35 taiw
4:32 [Comment From aira]
we will win this game… believe in CORY’s magic
4:32 [Comment From vince]
what qtr
4:32 2:17 left in q2
4:32 kerby travels.
4:33 taiw miss
4:33 kerby miss 3
4:33 taiw miss
4:34 norwood fouled on fbreak
4:34 norwood to ft line
4:34 norwood sinks 1 of 2
4:34 33-35 taiw
4:35 baguio loses handle on fbreak
4:35 taiw shotclock violation
4:35 [Comment From aira]
guiao needs to tell our players the importance of FTs
4:36 pennisi miss 3
4:36 1:25 left
4:36 in q2
4:36 #8 pivot against pennisi, pennisi fouls him
4:36 miller fouls guard.
4:37 penalty now for rp.
4:37 end of q2
4:37 33-35 taiw
4:37 [Comment From aira]
pennisi looks like LAMAR odom
4:38 what game are you watching aira?
4:38 [Comment From Rommel]
It’s a tight ballgame. Go RP Team ……….
4:39 yap and miller both sank two 3s each. been quiet since.
4:39 raymundo must have a hard time taking his low performance. I always thought he was our best player.
4:39 all he needs is a break, he’ll bounce back.
4:39 [Comment From mosheex]
guys kaya natin to
4:40 [Comment From thonzy27]
they should really play defense and make their ft
4:41 [Comment From thonzy27]
4:43 [Comment From alwin]
cno po lamang
4:44 [Comment From alwin]
sorry po im in the office kaya i really want to know
4:44 [Comment From rhenz]
san na ang video?
4:45 [Comment From rhenz]
anu na score mga kabayan?
4:45 ok almost back.
4:45 [Comment From mosheex]
33-35 taiwan poh
4:45 [Comment From alwin]
what is the half time score guys? any body would like to entertain my question?
4:45 [Comment From rhenz]
bkit walang coverage video?
4:46 [Comment From alwin]
taipe po di taiwan
4:47 Chinese Taipei is commonly known as Taiwan. Thanks Alwin.
4:47 [Comment From glennmich]
alwin, based on the previous posts.. score is 35-33 taiwan leading
4:47 [Comment From alwin]
thank you mosheex. who scored well in RP?
4:47 ok here we go.
4:48 [Comment From alwin]
start n 2nd half?
4:48 start of q3
4:48 taiw turns it over
4:48 33-35 taiwan
4:48 [Comment From alwin]
whoscored well in rp
4:48 yap miss 3
4:49 aguilar good tap on taiwan player pivot, taiw retains poss
4:49 [Comment From alwin]
may naka shoot nb?
4:49 [Comment From rhenz]
2 pts lang kainin yang mga taiwanese na yan
4:49 #7 gets through yap defense, drives, is fouled.
4:50 [Comment From rhenz]
pakainin ng alikabok ang mga taiwanese na yan
4:50 #7 sinks 2 of 2 fts
4:50 [Comment From alwin]
go phil…. you can beat taipe
4:50 miller sinks 3
4:50 [Comment From Guest]
ano score?
4:50 #12 travels. good D by norwood.
4:51 [Comment From rhenz]
jaames saksakan mo yan
4:51 [Comment From ako lang]
ano score
4:51 [Comment From rhenz]
kanain yang mga taiwanese na yan
4:51 [Comment From james]
still half time
4:51 36-37 taiw
4:51 norwood blovked
4:51 yap miss j
4:51 drive by taiw miss, tip in scores
4:51 norwood baseline drive miss but fouled
4:52 [Comment From ako lang]
no na score?
4:52 [Comment From vince]
3 qtr na ba?
4:52 [Comment From rhenz]
kaya nyo yan
4:52 [Comment From rhenz]
go mga pinoys
4:52 norwood to ft line.
4:52 [Comment From ako lang]
kaya yan parang pang pbl lng taiwan
4:52 norwood 0 of 2 fts.
4:52 7:45 left in q3
4:52 yap blocks
4:53 #7 fouls miller
4:53 raymundo finally scores on pivot.
4:53 38-39 taiw
4:53 #13 undergoal stab scores
4:53 yap sinks 3
4:53 41 all
4:54 norwood great d
4:54 #7 travels.
4:54 6:31 left in q3
4:54 yap scores on drive. fouled, goes to ft line.
4:55 taiwan timeout
4:55 [Comment From vince]
no score
4:55 [Comment From bakla ako]
nascore na ba c japeth?
4:55 [Comment From alwin]
ano bayan di makalamang
4:55 [Comment From Rommel]
lumamang naman kayo RP. Go….
4:55 [Comment From bakla ako]
is japeth playing?
4:55 [Comment From bakla ako]
go go
4:55 [Comment From vince]
lamang na
4:55 [Comment From alwin]
natakot na yag mga gago nayan
4:55 [Comment From Rommel]
Yes lamang na. Derecho Pinas…..
4:56 your comments will have to wait sorry. Especially the silly ones.
4:56 yap sinks 1 of 1 ft
4:56 #11 strong drive, fouled by pennisi
4:56 this #11 is terrific.
4:57 [Comment From Jimmy]
ano score
4:57 [Comment From Guest]
ilan lamang?
4:57 [Comment From alwin]
tambakan na yan
4:57 [Comment From mosheex]
positive thinking guys…..
4:57 [Comment From aira]
james is on fIRE…wooh..
4:57 [Comment From Guest]
ilan na lamang?
4:57 #11 1 of 2 fts.
4:57 41-42 rp
4:57 miller sinks 3
4:57 sorry its 47-42 rp
4:58 #12 undergoal stab, miss, fouled by pennisi
4:58 [Comment From Rommel]
Kaya natin ito sabi nga ni Manny ….
4:58 [Comment From aira]
4:58 47-44 rp
4:59 5:30 left in q3
4:59 rp turns it over.
4:59 taiwan scores on fbreak
4:59 yap sinks 3
4:59 50-46 rp
4:59 taiwan still not guarding yap well, allowing him to shoot
5:00 yap miss 3
5:00 rp retains poss
5:00 norwood miss 3
5:00 4:00 left in q3
5:00 #11 good drive, scores
5:01 yap sinks 3
5:01 that was near the halfcourt line
5:01 thoss with block
5:01 53-48 rp
5:01 kerby turns it over.
5:01 #10 drive, fouled by norwood
5:01 #10 to ft line
5:02 #10 2 of 2 from ft line
5:02 53-50 rp
5:02 yap sinks 3
5:02 2:30 left in q3
5:03 2:22 left in q3
5:03 yap drive miss
5:03 taiwan turns it over
5:04 guys, wala akong stat sheet, i dont know scores of individual players.
5:04 thoss miss
5:04 1:30 left
5:04 #6 scores 3
5:04 56-52 rp
5:05 asi blocked by #11
5:05 #6 great drive scores
5:05 baguio hits 3
5:05 dillinger called for foul
5:06 rp in penalty
5:06 #5 goes to ft line.
5:06 #5 called for 5 second violation. rare call.
5:07 helterbrand sinks 3 in dying seconds from halfcourt line.
5:07 end of q3
5:08 i will try to approve comments now. sensya na if i delayed approving comments. Extremely stupid comments will not be published, thanks.
5:08 [Comment From Guest]
Ilan na ang iskor ni james yap?
5:08 [Comment From Rommel]
Go team. Kaya iyan
5:08 [Comment From Guest]
Ilan na ang iskor ni james yap
5:08 [Comment From r]
ilanpa ba oras?
5:08 [Comment From Guest]
ilan na ang iskor ni james yap
5:08 [Comment From vince]
no score
5:08 [Comment From Guest]
na score na ba c madz?
5:08 [Comment From alvin ting]
ilan na ang iskor ni james yap?
5:08 [Comment From jo Q]
na score na ba c madz?
5:08 [Comment From aira]
go JAMES… cory is WATCHING you
5:09 52% shooting by RP in q3, 8 3 pt shots by miller, yap and helterbrand.
5:09 62-54 rp
5:09 ok start of q4
5:09 thoss strong drive, fouled.
5:09 [Comment From alvin ting]
Ilan na ang iskor ni James
5:09 [Comment From aira]
its ok…
5:09 [Comment From torque]
oks lang kc mabilis naman mag update 🙂
5:09 [Comment From Alvin Ting]
how many minutes left?
5:09 [Comment From Alvin Ting]
naku lumapit na naman buti na lang andiyan si Baguio
5:09 [Comment From Alvin Ting]
are we in penalty
5:09 [Comment From Rommel]
Go Team……
5:10 [Comment From r]
time po?
5:10 thoss 0 of 2 from ft line.
5:10 taiwan miss 3
5:10 baguio drop pass to asi, asi blocked
5:10 #11 fouled by asi
5:10 referees call touch fouls.
5:10 still trying to approve comments one by one.
5:11 #11 scores.
5:11 62-56 rp
5:11 8:54 left
5:11 dillinger sorry miss layup
5:11 taiwan sinks fbreak
5:11 thoss bad pass turns it over
5:11 #11 great drive scores
5:12 62-60 rp
5:12 baguio heave miss
5:12 taiwan fbreak, miss but fouled
5:12 [Comment From torque]
go James. Go UE, go go UE
5:12 [Comment From Alvin Ting]
is james yap resting?
5:12 rp timeout
5:13 i can hear coach guiao pleading with players to not miss fts
5:13 [Comment From Guest]
na score na ba c madz?
5:13 [Comment From allan]
whose ahead?
5:13 [Comment From Alvin Ting]
what’s the score now?
5:13 [Comment From Alvin Ting]
are we still in the lead?
5:13 [Comment From aira]
haha… bobong intsik
5:13 [Comment From Alvin Ting]
wow! What’s the score now?
5:13 [Comment From aira]
5:13 [Comment From Guest]
5:13 [Comment From alwin]
ano score
5:13 [Comment From Alvin Ting]
What’s the score my friend?
5:13 [Comment From Guest]
5:13 [Comment From Rommel]
8 points lead ba by RP?
5:13 [Comment From allan]
score please
5:13 [Comment From ronald]
ano score?
5:14 ok back too many comments
5:14 7:25 left
5:14 #11 ties the game
5:14 62 all
5:14 baguio drive, miss
5:14 jayjay sinks 3
5:15 taulava taps ball to jayjay, jayjay all alone layup scores
5:15 67-62 rp
5:15 thoss called for foul on #11
5:15 [Comment From james]
what d score in q3
5:15 [Comment From Alvin Ting]
is it 62-54 in favor of RP?
5:15 [Comment From ronald]
5:15 [Comment From Mac]
What’s the score sir?
5:15 [Comment From Alvin Ting]
Did Japeth Aguilar play?
5:15 6:15 left
5:16 #11 tips back a miss
5:16 8 of last 10 pts by #11
5:16 rp turns it over
5:16 #11 great fake on pennisi, pennisi fouls.
5:16 #11 is their best player, very impressive.
5:16 goes to ft line.
5:17 [Comment From ronald]
go philippines make us proud
5:17 [Comment From aira]
take care of the lead
5:17 [Comment From mosheex]
isang quarter nlng….lets cross fingers na d tayo mg.mintis. but in case mg.miss, then lets clasp hands pra sa defense….
5:17 [Comment From r]
malayo pa yan. go rp… be aggressive in d fourth
5:17 [Comment From Alvin Ting]
Kapit mga kababayan, kaya natin ito!
5:17 [Comment From Rommel]
most probably James has 6 tripples
5:17 #11 sinks 2 of 2 fts
5:17 [Comment From radon]
rp needs to drive strong to the basket and capitalize on the open shot from the outside…much more with the free throw shots… so far, so good
5:17 yap back on floor
5:17 67-66 rp
5:17 #7 fouls yap
5:17 [Comment From madz]
na score na ko
5:18 [Comment From aira]
ilabas si thoss
5:18 [Comment From mga pasaway 6-0 run na na]
mga pasaway 6-0 run na na
5:18 [Comment From Guest]
ang dami ksing TO
5:18 yap miss 3
5:18 5:22 left
5:18 #5 strong drive miss, putback scores
5:19 [Comment From What?]
Mga pasaway na naman kayo..
5:19 [Comment From aira]
ibalik si YAP at miller… ilabas muna si thoss…
5:19 [Comment From Guest]
tae mo jo q
5:19 [Comment From allan aramil]
is japeth on bench?
5:19 [Comment From radon]
update sa score and time remaining pls…
5:19 #8 scores 2 of 2
5:19 68-67 taiwan
5:19 thoss drive, called for travel.
5:19 [Comment From Rommel]
Yes. Go RP. Kaya iyan …..
5:19 [Comment From juan dela cruz]
whats the score po?
5:19 [Comment From Guest]
5:19 [Comment From aira]
bakit ba ayw ilabas si THOSSSSSSSS????
5:20 [Comment From Alvin Ting]
What’s the score now?
5:20 [Comment From allan aramil]
what is the height of #11
5:20 [Comment From torque]
pilayan na nila ung #11
5:20 [Comment From Alvin Ting]
Are we still ahead?
5:20 [Comment From What?]
5:20 [Comment From juan dela cruz]
ilabas si thoss
5:20 strong drive by taiwan
5:20 #12, but fouled by dillinger.
5:20 [Comment From Guest]
anu na score?
5:20 [Comment From GinDubai]
Todas na!!
5:21 [Comment From Alvin Ting]
We need the 3 pts now more than ever!
5:21 [Comment From Alvin Ting]
naku we trail now by 3 pts.
5:21 #12 to ft, sinks 0 of 2
5:21 kerby drive, fouled, goes to ft line
5:21 [Comment From allan aramil]
time left?
5:21 [Comment From torque]
anak nang………
5:21 [Comment From torque]
yan pa c thoss?
5:21 [Comment From George Estregan]
ano ba nangyayari kay coach yen bat ayaw ilabas si sonny
5:21 [Comment From Alvin Ting]
What’s the score now? How much time left?
5:21 [Comment From GinDubai]
Team Philippines wag na kayo magbulate!!
5:21 [Comment From George Estregan]
cguro type ni coach yeng si thoss
5:22 kerby miss 1 of 2 fts
5:22 68 all
5:22 4:17 left
5:22 kerby taps ball to out of bounds, taiwan shotclock violation
5:23 miller forced shot, miss
5:23 rp reset
5:23 kerby for 3, miss but fouled.
5:23 bad foul by defender, considering kerby hasnt scored a 3 yet.
5:23 [Comment From aira]
pag natalo RP team kasuhan ng TREASON si THOSS at GUIAO
5:23 [Comment From Rommel]
Go Team. PBA kayo no …..
5:23 [Comment From What?]
sayang ung 8 pt lead kanina..
5:23 kerby to shoot 3 fts
5:24 kerby ft 2 of 3 fts
5:24 70-68 rp
5:24 kerby called for foul on #11
5:24 not only is #11 (cheng) good, he gets calls too. 21 pts for him so far.
5:25 #21 sinks 0 of 2 fts. he’s tired.
5:25 miller drive, stripped.
5:25 #11 miss.
5:26 taiwan going to him almost exclusively.
5:26 thoss sinks baseline j.
5:26 taiwan timeout.
5:26 sorry they didnt show score again before commercials, will update asap.
5:26 [Comment From GinDubai]
Pitpitan na ito!!
5:26 [Comment From Alvin Ting]
We will win this!
5:26 [Comment From Rommel]
Miller Time …………..
5:26 [Comment From Alvin Ting]
ibalik dapat si Helterbrand
5:26 [Comment From Guest]
score tied, less than 5 mins left
5:26 [Comment From Weserv]
Go Philippines.. Hehehe..
5:26 [Comment From Alvin Ting]
pull out Thoss now!
5:27 [Comment From GinDubai]
Galingan mo Kerby!!
5:27 [Comment From George Estregan]
konti na lang
5:27 [Comment From George Estregan]
sana may mandaya sa time
5:27 [Comment From Alvin Ting]
Pakilagay naman po palagi ang iskor!
5:27 [Comment From George Estregan]
sana pinilayan na ni kerby ung # 11
5:27 [Comment From Alvin Ting]
time left? Are we in penalty?
5:27 [Comment From Alvin Ting]
Is that the guy with long hair?
5:27 [Comment From What?]
patalo na naman yang c miller
5:27 [Comment From Alvin Ting]
how many time left?
5:27 [Comment From George Estregan]
5:27 [Comment From Guest]
score please?
5:27 [Comment From Alvin Ting]
ibalik si helterbrand, please
5:27 [Comment From George Estregan]
bigay kay sonny para payback time
5:27 [Comment From GinDubai]
Konting sipag na lang!!
5:27 [Comment From George Estregan]
its payback time
5:27 ok were back, taiwan poss
5:27 72-68 rp
5:28 taiwan miss 3
5:28 yap rebound
5:28 taiwan doesnt have any 3s
5:28 excpet for 1 i think
5:28 thoss miss 3
5:28 miller fouls #8
5:28 rp in penalty.
5:29 even the announcers do not know if they are in penalty, so sorry, don’t ask me.
5:29 as for scores and time i will announce them occasionally so just wait.
5:29 72-70 rp
5:29 1:30 left
5:29 yap miss 3
5:29 taiwan botches fbreak.
5:30 1:06 left
5:30 #11 wild shot.
5:30 taiwan retains poss
5:30 #11 miss j
5:30 miller with ball.
5:30 :29 left
5:31 72:70
5:31 rp
5:31 miller sinks 3
5:31 taiwan timeout
5:31 [Comment From Rommel]
Nakabawi si Thoss. Ang lakas naman niya sa coach.
5:31 [Comment From aira]
sh*T, nagtalunan bench ng RP nung nakashoot si thossd
5:31 [Comment From aira]
5:31 [Comment From Alvin Ting]
ibalik na si Asi and Mick for control purposes and Helterbrand!
5:31 [Comment From juan dela cruz]
Wag na Helterbrand ..mahilig sa dribble
5:31 [Comment From John Knight]
72-68 RP
5:31 [Comment From George Estregan]
philippines by 4 ba?
5:31 [Comment From Alvin Ting]
What’s the time left
5:31 [Comment From What?]
72-68 rp
5:31 [Comment From Guest]
score na nlng lagi ipost
5:31 [Comment From John Knight]
2:22 to go
5:32 [Comment From Alvin Ting]
how much time left?
5:32 [Comment From Alvin Ting]
ilang minutes na lang po?
5:32 [Comment From GinDubai]
Maintain na sana yung lead!!
5:32 [Comment From Guest]
time po?
5:32 [Comment From Rommel]
time please
5:32 [Comment From George Estregan]
go james
5:32 [Comment From radon]
time remaining pls
5:32 [Comment From Alvin Ting]
why is Thoss shooting 3 points?
5:32 [Comment From GinDubai]
panay 3 yung malalaki!!
5:32 [Comment From George Estregan]
wag pwersahin
5:32 [Comment From George Estregan]
high percentage shot dapat
5:32 [Comment From What?]
!@#$%$^ thoss yan tumitira ng 3
5:32 [Comment From Alvin Ting]
sabi ko na nga e kung bakit andiyan pa si Thoss at Miller!
5:32 [Comment From George Estregan]
go for high percentage shot
5:32 ok wereback
5:32 taiwan miss 3, norwood rebound.
5:33 75-70 rp
5:33 :08 left
5:33 norwood fouled, goes to ft line
5:33 norwood ft 1 of 2
5:33 taiwan timeout
5:33 [Comment From radon]
thanx for the time and score updates…
5:33 [Comment From Alvin Ting]
okay. Is james playing now?
5:34 [Comment From Guest]
5:34 [Comment From Alvin Ting]
Is it tied now
5:34 [Comment From r]
score pls
5:34 [Comment From Alvin Ting]
are we still leading?
5:34 [Comment From George Estregan Sr]
go RP
5:34 [Comment From Alvin Ting]
what’s the score now?
5:34 [Comment From Alvin Ting]
are we still leading?
5:34 [Comment From Rommel]
5:34 [Comment From Rommel]
Miller Time
5:34 [Comment From chiebart]
5:34 [Comment From aira]
wooooh!!!!! panalo
5:34 [Comment From Guest]
weee panalo na 😀
5:34 miller 5 of 5 from 3s
5:34 [Comment From r]
score pls
5:34 [Comment From Alvin Ting]
That’s what you call Miller time! What’s the score?
5:34 [Comment From radon]
whew… damn miller!!! hits a timely shot
5:34 [Comment From Cory]
Go James
5:34 [Comment From ronald]
ilang seconds?
5:35 taiwan miss 3.
5:35 #7 fouls dillinger
5:35 [Comment From What?]
panalo na!!!! yahoo..
5:35 [Comment From radon]
lets control our comments and questions for the meantime mga brod baka mag log tayo
5:35 [Comment From Alvin Ting]
Ae we leading with 5 points now with only 17 seconds left?
5:35 [Comment From Alvin Ting]
Whats the score and time left?
5:35 [Comment From r]
time pls..tnx
5:35 [Comment From Alvin Ting]
What’s the time left?
5:35 [Comment From Rommel]
Atin na ito.
5:35 [Comment From Alvin Ting]
Clear na, nalo na. Norwood just have to sink at least 1 free throw and that’s it!
5:35 [Comment From GinDubai]
5:35 dillinger sinks 1 of 2 fts.
5:36 77-70 rp
5:36 final
5:36 thank you everyone for joining my liveblog session today.
5:36 im going to try to finish approving the comments now.
5:37 [Comment From glennmich]
yehey.. mukhang panalo tayo!
5:37 [Comment From Alvin Ting]
That’s it Amigo! We won!
5:37 [Comment From ronald]
maging 76-72 ata like the games yesterday sa uaap
5:37 [Comment From John Knight]
76-70 RP 8 secs to go
5:37 [Comment From aira]
its in the FRIDGE!!!
5:37 [Comment From Guest]
go taiwan
5:37 [Comment From mosheex]
5:37 [Comment From chiebart]
5:37 [Comment From chiebart]
5:37 [Comment From madz]
kiss ko kayo lahat panalo RP
5:37 [Comment From glennmich]
nakabawi sina yap at miller
5:37 [Comment From Alvin Ting]
What’s your overall prognosis why we won? Was it a combination of 3 pt shooting and DEFENSE?
5:37 [Comment From Rommel]
It’s all over. Atin na ito ….. Miller Time
5:37 [Comment From ronald]
5:37 [Comment From r]
5:37 [Comment From r]
5:37 [Comment From Rommel]
5:37 [Comment From Rommel]
5:37 [Comment From chiebart]
bakit kailangan may 1 missed sa FT?
5:37 [Comment From Rommel]
5:37 [Comment From ronald]
5:38 [Comment From GinDubai]
Nakabawi mga shooters natin!!!
5:38 [Comment From Alvin Ting]
5:38 [Comment From glennmich]
5:38 [Comment From Rommel]
5:38 [Comment From ronald]
5:38 [Comment From GinDubai]
Praktis lang pala talaga kulang eh!!
5:38 [Comment From Guest]
ano po standing ng pinas?
5:38 [Comment From mosheex]
5:38 [Comment From chiebart]
thank you!!!
5:38 [Comment From radon]
thank you very much my friend
5:38 [Comment From radon]
now…i dont need to go undertime here in our office. Once again thank you very … mabuhay!
5:38 [Comment From jedward]
what’s the final score?
5:38 ok thats it.
5:39 Again, thanks so much for joining me. I love doing this and it’s terrific if so many are with me.
5:39 RP won because our outside shooting clicked, and Taiwan’s 3 pt shooting was nonexistent. Also, they began to rely too much on #11.
5:40 RP’s defense needs to improve, and most of all, FTs. Guiao is probably unhappy with this win because he knows it shouldn’t be so close if only we sank our FTs.
5:40 [Comment From radon]
till 2moro my friend
5:40 [Comment From aira]
we need to win 1 more game… possibly against kuwait by wednesday… iran will be our next opponent 2mrw
5:40 [Comment From George Estregan Sr]
Wat tym liv blogging bukas?
5:40 [Comment From jedward]
final score please
5:40 [Comment From GinDubai]
praktis lang lagi ng shooting!!!
5:41 I will liveblog the next game tomorrow, 11am.
5:41 Ok I have to go to Makati now. Thanks again everyone, kitakits bukas.
5:41 [Comment From George Estregan Sr]
ndi na kailangan praktis sa shooting
5:42 final shot: wag kayo mawalang ng tiwala sa mga players at coach natin. Magagaling yan. Tiwala lang.
5:42 [Comment From George Estregan Sr]
comfidence lang sa sarili kelangan
5:42 [Comment From George Estregan Sr]
at yan ang nagyari ngaun
5:42 have a safe trip home everyone! will shut this down now.