Ginebra needs some spark to its game

brgy-ginebra_kings.gifIf the Tigers were the biggest surprise last conference, the Brgy. Ginebra Kings were the biggest disappointment. Bad luck hounded the team as star players Mark Caguioa and Eric Menk suffered various injuries and missed several games. Worse, all-star forward Rudy Hatfield decided not to renew his contract with the team. The result was disastrous.

The team failed to make it past the quarters. Trade rumors abound during the offseason. There were talks that Caguioa would be traded for Welcoat’s Joe Devance but nothing concrete has been made to substantiate this rumor. In my opinion, it would be catastrophic for the Gin Kings to trade its franchise player. Despite the injuries, there is no question who the heart and soul of Ginebra is. Nothing against Devance but Caguioa has already proven before that he can carry the team to the promised land.
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